Run, Stephanie, run!

The other night, I had neglected to do my cardio until late at night. It wasn't until about 10:00 pm that I laced up the running shoes and set out for the mailbox. I have to run a minimum of 20 minutes to get the requirement fulfilled on my program. Because it was not a school night, Kate decided to come with me and Jimmy. A run to the mailbox is a quarter mile. So, from the front door to the mailbox and then back to the front door is 1/2 mile. Usually, I will do about 6 laps.

This night, I had set out to run at least 6 laps. But the moon wasn't out and I could barely see my hand in front of my face. Yet, I was determined to get that point! Half way through our laps, Kate and Jimmy started walking while I kept up a runner's pace. Even though I knew they were on the road to the mailbox, I could not see my family. But, when I was out near the road and they were near the barn I heard a terrified scream from my daughter... followed closely by the sound of a pack of coyotes. Now, if you have never heard coyotes howling in the night- you're lucky. If you hear them in the pitch black, getting closer by the second- it tends to be a little scary to say the least. I knew they wouldn't hurt me, but I my mommy instinct was strong. I ran so fast back towards the house, all the while the howling getting closer. I knew they were close because the neighbor's dog was chasing them.

By the time I got back to my family, the coyotes were in the brush. When we reached to door together they were being chased off by the dog. It was a close one, folks.

I still cannot believe my family waited outside for me to get back to them! You know the 'fight or flight' instinct? I am flight all the way. I am a runner. I learned that valuable lesson at girls' camp when I was scared so bad and actually pushed a girl in front of me as a sacrifice and ran the other way. Stellar, I know. But at least I am honest. So, to see my sweet little girl waiting for me and  shaking in fright as the predators grew closer was so touching... but I still beat everyone back into the house.


Care'n King said...

We get them in the back of the park where they go after the sheep and young cows...BUT who is the protector of the herd?? a Llama! He runs after the coyotes and kicks and spits at them! they start their howling and then you can tell the llama is alerted, cause the yelping and all stop immediately!

Brittani Hamilton said...

we have coyotes near us and I have turned and run in the other direction a lot of times! thank goodness you are all safe.