good movies abound!

It is rare that we see two movies that are back to back good. But, when that happens, my faith in humanity is restored. I have to admit that I am pretty tired of another remake of the same story. How many Superman/Spiderman/Romeo & Juliet can you have? What about the sequels/prequels/trilogies?!
I like a good movie and of course, when there is a book trilogy, a movie trilogy is necessary. However, I really feel like Hollywood is getting lazy in the fresh idea department.

Until this week...

We saw two stellar movies. The first was:
LOVED it!!! At first, I was a little wary because of the terrible dye job on the main character. And I could barely hear the movie because there were a ton of little kids in the theater. But the subtitles made it unnecessary to really hear much anyway. The movie is originally in Spanish. I have never been afraid of subtitles for a couple of reasons: my favorite movie is best in its subtitled glory and I am used to subtitles because of my addiction to Korean dramas.
This particular film actually had a little of the same feeling of "Life is Beautiful" the aforementioned subtitled film that I prefer in the original Italian. The story is different but has such similar elements: tragedy, humor and love. I highly recommend this movie for this reason alone- Jimmy cried.

Second great movie experience:
Loved it so much that I may have seen it twice... in two days.
It did help that the screening was at y favorite little downtown theater. You know, the one with couches and a velvet curtain and small town feel. This movie is entirely silly and utterly fabulous. The first time watching, it was with Jimmy. Although he laughed plenty, I knew experiencing this movie with girls would be a whole different experience.
So, the following day I went with Ashley and Diana.
And we laughed and laughed and shared a pint of Ben and Jerry's.
THAT is why I went with chicks.

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