I still got it!

Kate and I went to deliver a loaf of bread at a dental office today. When I got home, I had this message from the lady we delivered it to:

I have to tell you what happened today...
When you left the office the man sitting there with his wife said, "She's sure cute."
I said,"yes she is and she is a really good kid too. Doesn't give her parents any trouble."
To which he replied," oh yeah, the kid was cute but I meant the lady." His wife smacked his arm.

I think it's because I was wearing these:

*a new purchase from this weekend

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Brittani Hamilton said...

we have a saks 5th ave outlet by our house and they were having a 50% off sale and I got a new pair of sperry's for 40$ It was the best day ever~! Yours are super cute too!