Tahoe Trip- Sugar Pine Point Hike

Another great day, another great hike.
This hike was pretty fascinating because it was a trail used for the Olympics cross country skiing route. It turned out to be just over 9 miles. Ooops. Not something we were expecting. But the ice cream afterwards was well worth it. The kids were all troopers and we still had a blast even though everyone was pretty beat.


Tahoe Trip- I'm on a boat

Probably the most fun we had all trip (That or the time we played Celebrity and I almost peed my pants. For the sake of this post, let's call it a tie) We rented a boat and sailed the open water. It was just so fun! We blasted music, danced and stopped in the middle of the FREEZING lake to jump in. Yes, we jump in. My body forgot how to function for a split second, but after that tiny little freak out, I was back to hopping on the party boat and living it up. Vivy fell asleep and Kate was a blast. I loved watching my little nieces seriously belt out ballads from the most recent Disney movies. It was a stellar moment when my sister played our hood ornament while pretending to be Else as "Let it Go" was blasting. I sure love my family. 


Tahoe Trip- Hike to Eagle Lake

This hike was tops, y'all.
Gorgeous scenery.
Cool breeze.
Great family.
SO worth it.