So there's this band...

I've always loved attending concerts and have done so since I was a teenager. My first ever concert was with my dad to see The Monkeys. They performed from a revolving stage and it was magical. Just magical... Speaking of magic, have I told you about the band I am sooo in to right now?!?! You know the one, Magic Giant? (see what I did there?)

Plan for this to be a moderately lengthy read because I am hard pressed to say enough awesome things about this stellar band. I will start you off in the infancy of my love for them.
The moment Kate turned 13 years old and was deemed a teenager, I was stoked. No, I am not smoking anything- I really do love teenagers.  I just have always felt like one of the rites of being a teenager is to attend concerts. Because of my history, I could.not.wait. to start bringing Kate to concerts! After much anticipation, I had finally planned her first concert date. I basically planned it the way I would an epic first date. Japanese hot pot restaurant, VIP tickets, new outfit, fabulous makeup. Seriously guys, this was a big deal. Upon opening her gift, Kate was less than jazzed. Being the optimist I am, I persisted. True that I am an optimist, I am also an extrovert (surprise, surprise- ammaright?)Kate is neither of those things. That would you lead you to believe that she may not like a group full of sweaty people pushing in on her personal space, loud music that prevent any type of quiet reflection and huge room where the fire exit is only a suggestion. Well folks, you would be right. She may have had a shock to the system on this first go round, but this was most definitely the concert to cut her teeth on.
We went to see Eric Hutchinson, one of our very favorite singers. He was amazing. his talent is off the charts. The band playing before him was one I had never heard of called (here it comes...) Magic Giant. Watching them run their equipment check made me awfully nervous.
You see, they were full on hipster.
Like, FULL ON.
Man buns, check.
Ponchos that looked like navajo blankets, check.
Tight, tight, tight jeans, check.
Faux fur, check (because hipsters are very into the environment).
Upcycled merch table, check.
It is my duty as a mother to protect my children from hipsters. And then, guys... they played. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing their show was! AMAZING. Freaking amazing. I have been to so many concerts in my life time. But the experience with this band was the best audience experience I have ever lived. The band was engaged and energetic. And happy.  And their music was GOOD. In the church I attend, there's a job called 'Primary Music Leader'. Their job is to get all the kids singing and happy to be there. They have skills that get even the most grumpy kid to participate in singing about popcorn growing on fruit trees. Primary Music Leaders have special powers. The lead singer of Magic Giant has those same special powers. He had us dancing to his count, singing background and stooping to the ground at a whisper while slowly rising as the music got louder. It really was like I was personally participating in this performance. Even though I love Eric Hutchinson, I was sad when he came on because Magic Giant had vacated the stage. Eric Hutchinson is so musically talented. But he did not have a banjo, harmonica, fiddle, huge bass drums and a CELLO ON A GUITAR STRAP that was played while running around the stage. I am telling you, it was pretty epic. And it has been my personal mission to share the good news of this fabulous band since that fateful evening. I have since seen a concert in Santa Cruz and have tickets to one in Napa.  Excitement is too small a word for the emotion I feel.
Now, yes, the music is pretty incredible, but the way the music came about is the real artistry. This band recorded their debut album from a travelling solar powered shuttle bus turned recording studio. Some songs were performed on an airstrip in a field of daisies. One song was recorded inside a redwood tree. You read that right, INSIDE a redwood tree. An underground bunker was used to capture the perfect sound of drums. And a two and a half mile long tunnel helped with the reverb. I'll be honest, I'm starting to really dig hipsters. Because Magic Giant also planted a tree for every album they have sold. One of the members of the band was hit by a car as a young teen and fell into a coma only to awake with the musical brilliance he still carries. The lead singer starting composing music when he was 11 years old. And one member of the band is an accomplished salsa dancer and son of Persian refugees. Those are only small blurbs about the intricate and passionate lives the band members choose to live. I know I am a grown woman and mother. The way I am gushing sounds so stalkeresque. I am not a stalker. I promise. It is so incredibly rare to find real music being made these days. Music with meaning, passion, depth. My daughter has grown up in a generation with some pretty questionable singers and songs. Here is a band I can let her listen to when I'm not in the room that is not that embarrassing KidzBop crap. When I am driving all the teenagers around, we roll down the windows, open the sunroof and sing at the top of our lungs. That they and I both like the music being blasted? Now, that's real magic.

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