38 books

Thursday is library day. Between all the kids, we got 38 books! (hence, the post title)
I calculated how much it would cost to pay a fine on each book and I am pretty sure the sum has assured a prompt return of this huge stack...


If I were to make a smoothie for you and then handed you a straw- what would you do? Drink with it?

House full of boys- I have been scraping spit balls off of surfaces that were attacked in the very short time it took for me to realize my error...


More Hike Pictures...

Mt. St. Helena has now been added to my list of things to do yearly.
I had a wonderful time. I liked the challenge.
And nothing can compare with the accomplishment I felt at the top.
Plus, the view was striking!!!
What's so cool about the experience is that I was climbing a mountain that was difficult, something I had trained for. I had great friends to support me. I was well prepared for the difficulty, but the climb was still hard. At the top, I received the call from Jimmy to accept our first foster placement. Could I have been in a more perfect place with more perfect metaphors? I think not. Jesus Christ chose to teach in parables. How I love that Heavenly Father chose to teach me about my experience with foster parenting by this mountain. That is another reason I would like to climb Mt. St. Helena every year- just as a reminder of the step we chose to take as a family. I will always think of my first summit fondly and know that I will never be the same because I climbed the mountain.



The other shoe has dropped

The honeymoon is over...
Yesterday kicked us in the pants.
Thank goodness today is a new day.

I think the kids are starting to realize they're with us for the long haul and not just a vacation. Although our environment is safer than where they came from, it's still not home to them. I cannot imagine what these poor children might be going through. And that's why we can do this. I know we can.
Two quotes from general conference that have helped:

"What a sacred responsibility Heavenly Father places upon us as parents to partner with Him in helping His choice spirits become what He knows they can become."
(Cheryl A. Esplin)

"How is it possible to achieve the “impossible”? Learn and obey the teachings of God. From the holy scriptures, heaven-sent lift will be found for heaven-sent duties"
(Russell M. Nelson)


I thought I was really popular...

I had more comments than ever on my blog this week!
Woo Hoo... until I realized that they were all spam.
And so, friends (or spam artists) I have added the word verification to the comment box- something I've never thought I'd do.
But such is life, right? Days filled with things you would never think you'd do...


Mi-chelle, my belle...

My sister-in-law, Michelle, is going on a mission to Jacksonville, Florida. I am so proud of her! Today, she spoke in sacrament meeting and just did an amazing job. I was okay and dry eyed... until her and Ashley started to sing.

Then, all kinds of memories flooded back.
First, I thought of how I first met Jimmy's family at his sister, Natalie's farewell.
Back when I was stalking him.
I thought of how Michelle and Ashley did a joint talk in sacrament meeting when they were little to wish Natalie a happy farewell... and they dropped a coconut on the pulpit (Natalie went to Hawaii).
I fondly recalled how Michelle went down the street at age ten with a "future missionary" tag and a Book of Mormon to visit a neighbor.

This girl is amazing. She is constant and righteous. To see the mantle of missionary fall so beautifully on her makes my heart sing. I am sad to miss her the next 18 months, but I happy for her decision.
Good Luck, Shell Belle!!!!


Week One Stats

milk- 8 gallons
ketchup- 1 bottle
ranch- 1 bottle
clementines- 25 lbs.
bread- 9 loaves
eggs- 5 dozen
goldfish- 1 HUGE box
peanut butter- 2 jars

time for another trip to Costco...



When I had Kate, the days following were pretty rough. I was on an emotional roller coaster from the hormones that I later learned was a bout of postpartum depression. In the morning, I would be bawling my eyes out to my mother-in-law. She would call people in the meantime. By the time the SOS was sent out and my other family members would call to console me, I would be back to my chipper old self.  Needless to say, being around me in this state was a trying time for all.

Well, I compare our first foster placement to this experience. I call it post placement depression. When receiving the news that we would be getting 4 children, my emotions ran the full gamut of the spectrum of emotions. On the first full day alone, I was empowered and torn down, manic and depressive, thrilled and doomed. I chalked it up to the first day- but each following day has given me the same range of emotion. While it is difficult to feel all these emotions in a 24 hour period, I call it blessed. How grateful I am to receive these feelings so as to better understand the children placed with us.
This sweet spirits are victims of their environment.
They are survivors.
They fight a good fight and hopefully, with nurturing will come out on top.
I think that one blessing that really stands out in this situation is their potential.
I have been given the gift to see what these children can be.
What they can accomplish.
And what they have to offer.
Hopefully I can help them cultivate all the good parts about them, the innate goodness that has been placed in each of the human race. That's really what I think being a foster parent is all about. Providing a safe environment for these children to blossom into their best selves, without any judgement.

I had only spent three days with our foster children when I went into the school office to update the contact info. When I walked in, the staff present were talking about the kids placed in my care. They did not know I was the foster mother. The way they chose to discuss this family made me bristle. It seemed there was just such harsh judgement placed on them. It made my heart hurt. No one deserves judgement. We are all fighting a hard battle. Even the birth parents in this situation made mistakes to get their children removed. It will never be my place to judge them. Ever.

My hope is that just like my postpartum depression faded away, the same will happen with this time around. Already, the downs are less severe and the ups are that much more sweet. To hear these children pray for their parents brings me joy. I pray for them too. To see them smile and laugh and joke brings warmth. I know it will all work out and I know to whom I turn for strength.


Fancy hair

I was playing and cleaning with our little foster daughter in anticipation of our (5 bed!!!!) delivery. We read and did hair and laundry and dishes etc.

When the men came, I was still in jim jams- but not terribly embarrassing ones. The men delivering the beds were nice enough but not overly cordial. They seemed to be a bit stand offish.

After they left, I was wondering why they might have been not so warm fuzzy. Then, I caught a look at myself in the mirror and saw my "fancy" hair that was done by little girl...


Make room!

We live in a not huge (not too small, juuuust right) house.
When you add more people, stuff's gotta move.
And so, I reluctantly agreed to put Jimmy's man cave video game paraphernalia into our bedroom- On grounds that I got to organize it.

So here, my friends, is a picture of my mad skillz.


Sisters in Zion

I sent out an SOS email to my great in 8 teammates today... Just at the beginning of my pity party. I felt myself going down a slippery slope of "poor me" and sent out a rescue flare to bring my spirits back up. Those sweet women did not disappoint. I was buoyed up. They carried me. And I am so grateful.
I thought of this song and a few of its

"As sisters in Zion, we’ll all work together;
The blessings of God on our labors we’ll seek...
We’ll comfort the weary and strengthen the weak....
To cheer and to bless in humanity’s name."

Thanks, sisters.



Can you tell which are the kids' cupcakes?! I let them all sprinkle their own... In related news, we have no more sprinkles.

We had a lesson about presidents, since it is president's day. Although I am beyond exhausted, the choice to become foster parents has rung so true these past few days. I am grateful for the opportunity.

Bonus? The oldest prayed over dinner tonight! Voluntarily!!! It made my heart happy. If we can teach the kids how to pray, I feel like they can really find the true source of peace. So, if and when they leave our home, there will be a tool in their holster for any difficulties they might have. What a blessing.


Good thing we're expecting a tax rebate!

Wow. Just wow.
We have changed our status from a family of three to a family of seven.
We fill our minivan. We empty our fridge.
And there's been a LOT of game playing in these here parts.
I swear, the kids have played every.single.board game we own at least two times over today.
Was it a bad idea to uphold our "no media (excluding veggie tales) on Sunday" rule?
Nah... the kids just played all day.
Was it okay for me to give the kids their chores for the week today?
Nah... my house will be cleaned just as fast as it's dirtied (I hope.)
So far, this foster parent thing has been a world of difference in emotions, logistics and energy levels. Honestly, I have lived through: anxiety, hope, sadness, despair, joy... all while doing one load of laundry.
Let's see what emotions tomorrow's very many dishes bring to light.


4,342 Elevation and a surprise!!!

My friends and I hiked Mt. St. Helena today!! It was a difficult and very rewarding hike. I am so grateful we did it! As a little gift, I came home to 4 new foster children. Going from 1 kid to 5 kids in our home will be interesting... I am excited and nervous. But to be honest with you what I feel most is a sense of calm, peace and gratitude. I am grateful that we are able to be a safe haven to some of Heavenly Father's children. On to the pictures!
 Do you know why I look so smug in the picture above?! Because we had only hiked a mile...
Below is a picture of a gorgeous rock formation. To get an idea of how huge it was, check out the comparison of the trees growing on it!

We had to take a dainty picture above but a rock star one below

The above picture is to get an idea of how far up we really are...
but check out how tiny I look below!

 Look at the valley! We saw all the way to the ocean and the Sierra Nevadas from the peak.
Now, for the picture below: look closely at the top of the rock, there is a man wearing the same color of the rock, but he climbed to the top without a rope! He was anchoring a rope for his group but chose not to anchor himself first. I was such a nervous wreck, I had to stop watching- not before I snapped a picture, though!
It was a really amazing hike with really amazing women. I felt so accomplished at the top.


An Utter Disappointment

Yesterday, I had a free day on my weight loss program. Meaning that I did not have to track what I ate or how much. I planned poorly, my friends...

I started the day out right- good breakfast, because I don't have any junk in the house.
Then, at the daycare I work at, I could not forage for anything because there was a new dishwasher being installed and I could not get into the kitchen. I managed to eat some plain tortilla chips- but not even a full serving!
I had grandiose plans to go my in-laws for lunch and eat junk there. I knew they had junk because on Sunday, it was all I could do to not eat any of it. When I got there, all the junk was eaten because it's so darn good. So I went off the plan with a piece of sourdough toast. Multi grain sourdough, not even white bread!!!
 Back at home, I made a fabulous feast for company, but when I look back at the menu, the only thing I couldn't eat was the cream in the potatoes- everything else was acceptable and actually a good choice. Part of the reason I did well yesterday was because I had made a choice to not eat sugar until my birthday- so all chocolate was out! (and my visiting teacher brought 2 lbs. of See's Candy!!!)

Even though I feel like my free day was wasted a little- it scared me to think of what I would do if the opportunity had been more lush. I think I could've turned into a maniac! I am actually grateful that yesterday wasn't too crazy. After eating the potatoes cooked in cream (that tasted like heaven), my mouth had a weird film in it and my tummy wasn't liking the extra fat. It really wasn't that enjoyable. But I did learn that I like eating healthy and the only reason I ever stop eating so clean is because it's gradual and just slips in quietly. It's stealthy... Well, I can be stealthy too- kind of like a healthy (rather than 'stealthy') ninja.
So here's to another 4 weeks of being a ninja to all the junk.


V-Day Love

My valentine's day was fabulous for many reasons- but mostly because I got to experience true love. Christ's love.

On Sunday, I signed up to feed the missionaries for Valentine's Day. After doing so, I remembered that we had offered to have our neighbor come the next time the Elders did. I called Sue to invite her to dinner. Sue is the woman that I gave a Book of Mormon to in September, didn't talk until I visited with the missionaries and cupcakes a few weeks ago- unknowingly on her birthday.

Sue agreed to come and I was excited. I was also excited because Valentine's Day was a "free" day from my weight loss program to eat what I wanted. To plan a menu to both: ignore calorie count and impress an acquaintance made me giddy. I made Danish soup with heart shaped carrots (never again will I make heart shaped carrots... Pinterest is a liar! But I digress...), individual potatoes au gratin with leeks, mushrooms and gruyere, top sirloin, lemon basil shrimp on rosemary skewers, roasted asparagus and chocolate fondue.

Dinner turned out great and I had invited my friend, Susanne and sister-in-law Ashley. I was hoping that Sue did not feel double (or septupletly? Since there were 7 of us and 1 of her) teamed. The evening was moving at a leisurely pace and I could tell the missionaries were getting antsy since they usually had to eat and go in a hour time frame. But, I let Sue set the pace. After dinner, we invited everyone over to the living room for a spiritual message. We ended up talking about the gospel for three hours!!! You know when you bear your testimony by the spirit and then sit down and can't remember anything you said? That's how I feel- we talked and talked, but honestly, all I remember is the strong and comforting spirit. The poor missionaries were practically steamrolled by us all. They started the discussion but were quiet because the rest of us kept bearing testimonies. Kate even got in on the action! She got out her scriptures and had Sue read the first vision- without us telling her where it was or anything! I was really proud of her. Susanne, who is a new convert to the church, shared her testimony of living a life without the gospel and finding it late. Ashley talked about how difficult it was to be in High School with high standards and how being a member of the church and having scriptures and prayer to help was awesome.

We just kept getting deeper and deeper in conversation and had to stop because the missionaries had curfew! What an amazing experience it was to share my testimony. What I realized was that it wasn't one day of prayer that helped me be strong tonight. It was months and months of prayer, scripture study, repentance and progress. I was able to share personal experiences that helped me grow and heartache that changed my life because of God's supplication.

I don't know if Sue will ever be a member of this church, but that's not why I did this. That's not why I invited her. I invited Sue because of my love for her. That may sound silly, I barely know Sue. But, when you see your fellowman through eyes knowing that they are all sons or daughters of God, you gain an otherworldly love for them. When you love someone, you want to give them everything. This gospel is my everything. She may choose not accept it. She may just chalk the night up to good food and good conversation. However, I know what I felt. I felt true love this Valentine's Day.


Working the (Buckhorn) system

I am brilliant. I would love to share with you the key to my brilliance.*
Here's how to get cheap food at Buckhorn:

First, one must go to Costco and purchase the gift certificate pack- 4, $25 gift cards for $79.99
Next, become a member of the rewards program at Buckhorn. It's free and easy- just remember to give them your phone number every time you order- that's another 10% off
Then, go on Wednesday night when kids eat free- that's $10 off (if you feed two kids)

So really, you are getting dinner for your family at a 40% discount!!! This is why I always am at Buckhorn eating the yik yak salad (with salmon and dressing on the side- my absolute favorite).

Oh yeah, the food is good, too...

*Let's hope that me sharing my brilliance does not back fire in that the restaurant chooses to add restrictions as a result to this here blog post.


Missing extremities

Kate taught FHE last night- it was really sweet. My favorite part was when she said, "let's pretend we don't have index fingers for the rest of the week." And I thought she meant literally... I was quick to jump at NOT playing that game. All I could think of was how difficult it would be to get through a week tucking a finger into my fist.

Then she continued, "that means, no pointing fingers when someone makes a mistake."
I suppose we've all been a little touchy with each other lately.
If that wasn't a wake up call, I don't know what is! So, our family is without pointer fingers- but, if they come out we've devised a plan to hug, kiss and apologize it back into hiding.

Here's to week without index fingers!!!


Afternoon Hike

We took a hike up Atlas Peak- Here are some pictures. I am desperately trying to get more pictures taken of what we do, because I want to have proof that we do stuff...


There's only one thing on my mind...

We have two social workers coming this week to move us along on the adoption track and I am nervous/excited/thrilled/scared/feeling unworthy... pretty much every conflicting emotion one might have.

Adopting is daunting and so joyful at the same time. Being right on the edge of it all feels so surreal. I can't wait until I can share more- but for now it's just bundle of nerves over in the House of Graham!
(plus- buying new beds, redecorating kids' rooms, moving things around)


All for a good cause

Do you remember when Kate sold her stuff to raise $ for the animal shelter? You know, where she cleaned out her room without my knowledge? Well, the time for Kate sneaking out her possessions has come to an end- after weeks and weeks of fundraising, we went to the animal shelter to deliver the funds. Over $70!!! I am proud of her but happy to say this season is over. To celebrate we went on a hike on this glorious day!


Please tell me what to do...

I need advice, friends... Kate has a friend that used to be a best friend. When I saw how this girl treated my daughter and heard conversations she initiated (she thought I couldn't hear her), I asked Kate to start looking to broaden her friend horizons. She did well at finding new and different friends. In fact, I let Kate use me as a scape goat and she was grateful. We both wanted to get out of this friendship- I was just as degraded by the parents as she was by the daughter.

Recently, after a school year of little interaction from this girl, Kate started to be friends again. They have been working towards a common goal- which is good- but, as part of this newfound amiability, there have been multiple phones calls... a night.

Every single day, usually as soon as we get home from school- the phone rings. There is nothing to discuss, but they (she, rather) talks for hours. Then will call back later and try to talk for just as long. Kate hates it. I hate it. I have asked her not to call. Kate has told her it's against the rules. I keep hearing Kate try to hang up, but this little girl will continue to call back. Then, if we don't answer the phone, she'll call my cell phone or my in-laws!

We don't have caller ID, so I have felt frustrated having to screen calls. What should I do? I am just as unsuccessful talking to her mother as Kate is to the daughter. The mother makes me feel attacked constantly. Plus, she doesn't get it, rather, chooses not to accept what I have to say. We have gotten into heated discussions over religion and life style- to the point where I am on the defensive of how we choose to live our life. I try to avoid her as best I can- I just don't know what to do!!!

Please help! What say you?


good kind of crazy

While in line at the security checkpoint in the Miami airport, we received a call from a social worker from our county. We hadn't even gotten on the plane to come home before we were agreeing to take a sibling set of two for a short time.

We picked the two up when we returned to California without even unpacking. Needless to say, it was chaotic in our home that first night. We have experienced three nights of bedtimes with three children. It has been an absolute circus...

and I am loving it. Unfortunately, just as we had a night with no wailing and gnashing of teeth, we have to return the children. It will be quiet here once again and I am sad. Because I know this is a honeymoon period- but I like lots of kids. I wouldn't have worked at a daycare for nearly 7 years if I didn't like being thrown up on, wiped with boogers and been given the biggest and most sincere hugs possible. Maybe that stuff about boogers and barf are not true, but I do like the chaos that comes with kids running circles around me. I am very glad that we made the decision to be foster parents. I am thrilled to have found a way to welcome little ones into our lives. My heart breaks for the circumstances that places children in foster care, but I am happy to help where I'm needed.



We got a new stove, thanks to our fabulous and best ever land lords! When the delivery men came to the door, I had totally forgotten they were coming. I am not sure how the guys felt about a middle aged housewife in red polka dotted pajamas and a top knot with smeared night before makeup answering the door. I would like to say it was first thing in the morning, but they were here after lunch... I was cleaning, I have an excuse.

The boys came in to take out the old stove and I gave them the disclaimer: "I have no idea the state of the floor under the stove. I am warning you now."

When one of the men pulled out the broken stove, I was actually a bit shocked at how gross it was- and I was the one with the disclaimer! He assured me that he had seen worse. Then, the delivery man proceeded to tell me about the time he had a dead rat fall on him from a space between a stove and a wall at another residence. I was suffieciently grossed out and started scrubbing away after the men had removed the old stove. While they were outside, I let out a small, inward scream. Because I would be the next story... I found a mouse skeleton in the rubble beneath the old stove.


I forgot to read (or chose to ignore) the memo

I felt a little foolish coming home from Miami in sandals and a short sleeved t-shirt when our layover was in Chicago. Walking past windows of snow and bundled up fellow passengers made me feel a little out of place. It didn't help when we landed in San Francisco and it was nearly as cold... I guess I enjoyed the beach a little too much.


Beach pictures

That I already posted on Instagram- my feelings will not get hurt if you choose to leave now...



I do admit the pictures are terrible... BUT I cannot wait to tell about what's in them.

When I got married, I was young and naive. I received a beautiful cookbook by Alfred Portale- a James Beard Award Winner (Olympics for chefs). This top rated chef published a cookbook that has been used so often in my home that the binding is completely cracked and the page splattered with everything I've tried from it.
My tomato soup recipe- from the book.
My butternut squash soup recipe- from the book.
And countless others... As I have become more talented at cooking, I have tried the more difficult recipes from the book. I have read every tip in the index. It has been a near religion for me, this book.

 Upon having our first (terribly cooked and priced) dinner at our hotel in Miami Beach, Jimmy and I started widening our horizons as to where to eat. I even walked 4 miles for the nearest fresh produce... yeah, the food was that bad. Last night, while exploring on the internet for our next dinner, quite by accident, I stumbled upon the restaurants at Fountainebleau. WOW- they all looked amazing. But when I scrolled down and saw, "Gotham" I screamed, literally and very loudly. Jimmy, who was in the bathroom, ran out with pants down- poor chap. I was breathless in explaining that I was within walking distance of an ALFRED PORTALE restaurant! The next 24 hours were on a cloud just waiting to get there. 

Friends, let me tall you aaaall about it:

First, we were seated downstairs on Super Bowl Sunday during the game- the place was relatively empty, which I loved. Our wonderful server, Trevor came out and just was fabulous from the get go. We ordered salads and freshly made lemonade.
Oh. my. gosh. If this was a sampling of what it would be like, I was already in heaven.
THEN they brought out right-out-of-the-oven parker house rolls in a little personal sized pan with salted butter. Not just any salt, people. Freshly ground (from someplace I don't remember) red sea salt. I used one of my negative points for the food plan I'm doing to eat a roll. SO WORTH IT. The salads were just the beginning of what we experienced. I got a veggie chopped salad with dijon vinaigrette and freshly cracked pepper. Sounds boring. I assure you, it was not. Jimmy, though- got a lobster, shaved mango & honeydew, hearts of palm, fresh lime salad that was gorgeous. And tasted just as good as it looked.

By this time I was openly gushing to our waiter. So much so, that the whole staff was coming by to greet us. Word travelled fast about our visit from the great Napa Valley. I think we may have actually invited our server to visit us at one point. I guarantee if you go out to eat with me, you will not be disappointed- it is always an experience... on to the main course.

HOLY CRAP, people! I got a rib eye- yes, a rib eye. The kind of cut that I will not get anywhere because no one can make it like I do. Well, they do. But, with their steak comes a sauce... we got one of each (three of them complimentary... they really liked us)- bernaise was my favorite. A slightly nutty, rich, buttery mustard sauce with fresh chives.
Now, guys, with this steak was most likely the best mashed potatoes I have ever had. Until the day I die, I will tell you those potatoes were made our of cherub tears and heaven's clouds. They were smooth and buttery and creamy and light and just... I don't even know. But then you add the freshly shucked corn creamed with jalapeno and manchego cheese. Gosh, it just keeps getting better and better.

Well, I do have a confession to make- I ate dessert. That might sound like a big confession- but this is why it's huge. I made a goal to not eat sugar until my birthday, in April. I made that goal when I didn't know I'd be going to Gotham. I got two months into my goal, but I am not eating sugar again until April. I didn't know the next time I would be at this once in a lifetime restaurant, so I did it. I used my second negative food point for dessert. I have never heard angels sing, but I assume they sound just like the bite I took out of a freshly fried donut filled with vanilla bean custard, rolled in superfine sugar and dipped in dark cocoa sauce. Jimmy got it on video and it's embarrassing... nearly inappropriate. I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely worth it this goal breaking was. Not even. But, I will say that tonight was by far THE BEST dining experience I have ever had in my life.


No broken picker here (and free wifi!)*

oh wow... this day has been interesting to say the least!

3:00 am- wake up & shower
5:30 am- sit idly by while husband gets lost on the way to airport parking
5:32 am (and :35, :36, :37 etc.)- inform husband that flight will be missed
5:33 am (and :35, :36, :37 etc.)- informed by husband that we will indeed make it
5:44 am- proven right (by 4 minutes)
5:45 am- pay extra $ to be bumped to next flight
5:55 am- go through security without having to get scanned (score! for me, not the TSA attendant)
6:02 am- look ridiculous asking sushi restaurant (open at 6:02 am?!) where to fill up water when faucet is literally closer to me than them...
6:06 am- board plane
6:07 am- introduce myself to seatmate on my right
6:08 am- 7:05 am- be systematically elbowed in the gut from the right
7:08 am- fill water bottle at drinking fountain and spill ALL OVER the ground
7:14 am- board plane #2
7:15 am- read, eat veggies, go potty, eat fruit, drink water, go potty, read- all from the huge aisle known as THE EXIT ROW! Karma paid handsomely for 6:08 am- 7:05 am
4:27 pm (Florida time) land in 74 degree weather! Cheer (inwardly)
4:27 pm- 5:30 pm- boring travel stuff that cost a $40 cab ride
5:30 pm- check into a yelp verified less than 3 star hotel
5:37 pm- watched a cockroach crawl up the leg of the man in front of me in line at the concierge desk
5:37:02 pm- had an inward argument on whether or not I should squash said cockroach
5:37:08 pm- scared a foreigner by brushing a cockroach off their leg and stepping on it- I don't know how to say "cockroach" in Farsi... too bad the foreigner didn't speak Spanish. I know that one, "la cucaracha" Then I might have done a little dance and that might have been scarier than squashing a hideous otherworldly bug in their personal space...
5:40 pm- get no help from concierge
5:45 pm- go up to room and gasp. a lot. I didn't know that hotels like this still existed.
5:50 pm- marvel at non-working: shower, toilet, outlets etc.
6:30 pm- eat at sub par hotel restaurant after learning that the closest restaurant is a $20 cab ride away
6:35 pm- aspirate polenta and choke in the middle of a sub par restaurant
6:58 pm- 7:29 pm- waited and waited and waited for our check
8:15 pm- walk on the deserted beach with my honey and dip toes in the warm Atlantic Ocean (him for the first time!)
8:20 pm- try to get info from concierge- unsuccessful for the second time
8:35 pm- work out- hard.
10:00 pm write blog
3:00 am (California time)- 10:34 pm (Florida time)- laughed and laughed and laughed.

A day like today makes me love Jimmy even more. If I can have the best day on the worst day, I know I picked good. :)

*the only redeeming value of the hotel


A little light reading

Just a few things to peruse on the way to FLORIDA!!! See ya'll soon (and hopefully a little more tan)