4,342 Elevation and a surprise!!!

My friends and I hiked Mt. St. Helena today!! It was a difficult and very rewarding hike. I am so grateful we did it! As a little gift, I came home to 4 new foster children. Going from 1 kid to 5 kids in our home will be interesting... I am excited and nervous. But to be honest with you what I feel most is a sense of calm, peace and gratitude. I am grateful that we are able to be a safe haven to some of Heavenly Father's children. On to the pictures!
 Do you know why I look so smug in the picture above?! Because we had only hiked a mile...
Below is a picture of a gorgeous rock formation. To get an idea of how huge it was, check out the comparison of the trees growing on it!

We had to take a dainty picture above but a rock star one below

The above picture is to get an idea of how far up we really are...
but check out how tiny I look below!

 Look at the valley! We saw all the way to the ocean and the Sierra Nevadas from the peak.
Now, for the picture below: look closely at the top of the rock, there is a man wearing the same color of the rock, but he climbed to the top without a rope! He was anchoring a rope for his group but chose not to anchor himself first. I was such a nervous wreck, I had to stop watching- not before I snapped a picture, though!
It was a really amazing hike with really amazing women. I felt so accomplished at the top.

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