The other shoe has dropped

The honeymoon is over...
Yesterday kicked us in the pants.
Thank goodness today is a new day.

I think the kids are starting to realize they're with us for the long haul and not just a vacation. Although our environment is safer than where they came from, it's still not home to them. I cannot imagine what these poor children might be going through. And that's why we can do this. I know we can.
Two quotes from general conference that have helped:

"What a sacred responsibility Heavenly Father places upon us as parents to partner with Him in helping His choice spirits become what He knows they can become."
(Cheryl A. Esplin)

"How is it possible to achieve the “impossible”? Learn and obey the teachings of God. From the holy scriptures, heaven-sent lift will be found for heaven-sent duties"
(Russell M. Nelson)

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Care'n King said...

HI honey! I have commented on your blog this week (2x) and hope they didn't come across as spam!
Love you so much and incredibly proud of the evolution you have made as a parent! Love you so much!