We got a new stove, thanks to our fabulous and best ever land lords! When the delivery men came to the door, I had totally forgotten they were coming. I am not sure how the guys felt about a middle aged housewife in red polka dotted pajamas and a top knot with smeared night before makeup answering the door. I would like to say it was first thing in the morning, but they were here after lunch... I was cleaning, I have an excuse.

The boys came in to take out the old stove and I gave them the disclaimer: "I have no idea the state of the floor under the stove. I am warning you now."

When one of the men pulled out the broken stove, I was actually a bit shocked at how gross it was- and I was the one with the disclaimer! He assured me that he had seen worse. Then, the delivery man proceeded to tell me about the time he had a dead rat fall on him from a space between a stove and a wall at another residence. I was suffieciently grossed out and started scrubbing away after the men had removed the old stove. While they were outside, I let out a small, inward scream. Because I would be the next story... I found a mouse skeleton in the rubble beneath the old stove.

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