Someday blogger will let me post pictures. Today is not that day.

Lately, I have really held back from all things computer. My blogging, facebook updates and tweets have been pretty slow. Which, in some cases, causes out of town family to wonder what's going on with me.
Well, here it is family: I am really happy, busy and crazy as always.

I have been found wiggling my way out of self induced pickles and cooking up a storm. The events just keep coming and Kaitlin is doing awesome. Jimmy and I spent our 10 year anniversary in southern California. Despite what many might think, our visit to the San Diego temple was better than any of the other fun things (including Disney and Jim Gaffigan!) we did. The sweet spirit and amazing experiences we had there were beyond compare.

I have the best! news! ever!- Kate learned how to play Settlers of Catan! I am a proud Mama. Jimmy is less than happy that we can now play the game without inviting guests to our house.

Because of the lack of computer involvement, I have been able to concentrate on the things I deem most important: working in Kate's classroom every week, participating in Relief Society and studying scriptures (too bad housework is not on that list...). I just wish I remembered to write in my journal more often! I was using this here blog as a little bit of a journal, but some thoughts and experiences are too personal to share. I will share this, because I have been consciously striving to listen to promptings of the Spirit, I have been blessed more than I deserve with opportunities to serve. Everyday I am astonished by the tender moments that have been placed in my path. It makes me sad that I don't always try my best.

I have been toying with big dreams as of late. There are so many things I want to accomplish in this life. I am hoping that at least one will come to fruition. I need to get back into marketing, because the ideas just keep coming! The $ and hard work to fuel the dream, not so much. Some day, some day....

Well family, consider this update a notch on the positive. I love you all!