Leaving a legacy

I almost feel like I need to explain my self for my lack of blogging. I would love to let you know what's been going on. Although I won't go into to detail, maybe some bullet points will suffice. Yes! Bullet points- I love bullet points...
  • Jog-a-thon- yes, I did make two full-sized palm trees to flank the snack table. A snack table that was only up for 30 minutes. A snack table that was attended by a crazy lady catching the trees as they were bullied by the wind. Gosh, I hate being a show-off.
  • Halloween party- crazy lady entertaining kindergartners for four hours. Think: jumping up and down, singing, making a complete and total fool of oneself. Cue: less than fresh orange sweater and daughter covering face in embarrassment.
  • Harvest festival & baking of 20 pies for pie eating contest (that one was actually easier than it sounds)
  • Meeting with financial advisor
  • Compiling resume- argh! (thanks for the help, mom!)
  • Feeling frustrated that every past job has come to me and sitting around waiting for a job offer is not being proactive. (anyone looking for a(n): event planner, professional organizer, caterer, seamstress, wedding anything, beneficiary to large fortune? Also, lines are open for pledges)
  • Keeping a happy home- dude, I know that's dang short bullet point, but you all know what a happy home entails...

And so, so much more. Plus, I have realized of late that I was starting to write this blog for everyone else but me. Consumption of mind came from multiple daily comment checks, google analytics checks, etc. I've always been one to worry about what people think of me. From my mouth comes a scary high whining voice when I suspect someone not liking me. But this I tell you now: No more! (I put the exclamation mark there to sound more menacing- what do you think? Wait! Don't answer that! I don't want to know what other people think... for the most part. If it's a compliment... argh! Why am I so darn self-defeating?!) It's nice to have a online journal to look back on. I just read my blog from beginning to now and thoroughly enjoyed some of my antics and cringed at the things I posted because I thought someone else might like it. I came to the realization that when I am being most real, a legacy is left for the family that someday will only know me as the great grandma who uses an electronic chair to get up the stairs.

So, on the cons list of such a long hiatus: lack of detail with those bullet points when they all transpired. And on the pros list, not blogging has given me serious time to catch up on my Netflix queue.


Due to the crazy week ahead

My posts will be non-existent for 7-10* days...

*subject to change. If you will be pining for my return, I will still post this week on Butterflies with April.


Paranoid much?

I was shopping at Ross the other day looking through their clearance aisle... you know it's bad if you're buying clearance at Ross- haahaa!!! I just like me a good bargain. Anyway, as I was perusing the aisle, I noticed a woman to my left about to walk behind me. Because the aisles are so small, I pushed into the rack a little so that the woman could pass easily. As I continued to look through clothes, I noticed in my peripheral vision that lady was following me! I kept walking down the aisle, smooshed into the clothes to let her pass, but the dang lady would not stop following behind me. I am not one to get upset, but this woman was driving me nuts. I would peek ever so slightly over my shoulder and see the woman lurking behind me. If she thinks she's scaring me out of the clearance aisle- that crazy cupcake has got another thing coming!!! When the situation had reached it's peak of annoyance, I turned around to ask if the woman needed to get past me. As the turn was complete, I realized I was looking into the most familiar and slightly annoyed hazel eyes- that's right folks, I was looking in a mirror...


I assure you...

...my parents will be shocked by this next statement.

For me, the hardest thing about being a parent is the mess.


Having the same story

on prime real estate on this blog for a few days in a row may become boring for avid readers... but a few days between posts means that my house is clean.