You can never be overdressed

Kate opened a savings account today- but not before she put on her Sunday best and sprayed a copious amount of hairspray... On one square inch of her hair.
I love this kid.

Here's to 2013

This past month was a doozy, folks... Just one wrong thing after another. Everything that I had carefully planned and orchestrated had at least one glitch. In fact, this Christmas was probably the worst we've ever had. We had the missionaries at our house for Christmas day. When told of our woes to that point, one of the elders asked what I needed to learn from these experiences. Honestly, I cannot even think about that. It seems that we get hit with something else every time we try to take a breath from the previous issue. It has actually become a bit comical.

There was one point where there was less than a week's turnaround on bleaching nearly every item in our house because of lice (a gift from a cousin) and the flu (that one was a secret Santa). We had just received a bag of groceries from my mother-in-law because we were all down and out. A day later, we got to return the favor when their whole house got sick. Our oven broke in the middle of cooking Christmas dinner, an event client showed up an hour and a half late- resulting in not-to-my-standard-food. And the list continues. Looking back- I suppose it's funny. Funny, because we're all healthy now... fingers crossed.

A wise woman told me this, "You are doing these things on a two way street, but you only have control of your side. Don't get too frustrated when the other side doesn't follow the rules"

The good news is- when we all throwing up, we were together.
When Kate had lice, she sat in my lap for the treatment.
When the food was less than best, they didn't care.

Life is good and boring makes boring stories....

I just hope I learn my lesson before I have to bleach everything again.