"you said what?!?!"

When I picked Kaitlin up from her very first day of kindergarten, we had quite a bit to talk about i.e. she talked at me... When I asked what she had learned, Kaitlin excitedly responded, "I learned how to spell a word today!" Wow, it's already starting! So, after an inquiry, I learned that she was the proud new speller of the word, 'sad'. Hmmm...
"Kaitlin, why did your teacher help you learn how to spell that word?"
"Well," Kaitlin said, "we had to draw picture of ourselves with our name and how we felt."
"And you felt sad?" Aww... she missed her mommy!
"No. I just thought it would be funny to put down that I felt sad!"
"What?! Did you tell your teacher about this 'joke'?"
"No. But, I did draw myself smiling, so she'll know I'm actually happy. But now she knows I'm happy and funny!"
"oh gosh..."

After Kaitlin laughing so hard at her cleverness, I then poked and prodded her mind about the rest of the day. I should've learned from the last revelation to stop asking. Kaitlin informed me of the first thing she raised her hand about. Apparently, she felt it very important to ask, Miss Wade, on the very first day of school, if there were any ticks in her (Kaitlin's) hair... and then proceeded to ask the teacher to check! Argh!!!
I learned my lesson. I stopped asking about what else Kaitlin said to her teacher. I did, however, want to flip a u turn and explain that Kaitlin is actually a very content child and that we live out in the country and perform tick checks quite often. I am just waiting for the other antics that will be cooked up in the following school year... at least her hair looked cute.

UPDATE: Kaitlin came home with the first picture she drew of herself- not only did she write that she was 'sad' because it was funny, but to drive the point home of her hilariousness- she drew on herself a mustache.

I am the mother of a kindergartner!!!

The obligatory first day of school pictures:

It went great this morning. Jimmy and I dropped off Kaitlin in the morning and she did really well. No crying- for any of us. I already did my crying last week when I was sorting through Kaitlin's baby clothes. After dropping off Kaitlin for class, Jimmy and I went to the meet and mingle with other parents. I signed up to be the room mom and part of the hospitality committee. I am excited to be a part of such a great school! I am extremely grateful that I can be a part of Kaitlin's schooling. I have been so blessed to have the time to do so- thanks, Jimmy!!! Can't wait to update about the wonderful world of kindergarten!


sugar or cream?

My friend Megan hosted an end of the summer tea party for all the girls starting school this year. The party was complete with tea sandwiches, teapots filled with juice and the most beautiful girls enjoying their special party.



crafty mom

only sometimes... I love crafting, but hate cleaning up the mess. Kaitlin asked that I decorate her backpack this year with stickers. I took it a step further and made a monogram. Here's the finished product:
*and I used the cricut to make the flower shaped label!



translation?? the last ambassadors/seabird/meese/barcelona concert! I went with Michelle, Ashley, Natalie and Carla to the A-freakin'-mazing show last night. I was blown away by how good each band was. Plus, they were all so gracious. Each band member came down to talk to fans... and we have pictures to prove it! If you don't know these bands- check out some videos at the bottom of the post.

Yeah, that's right. We're rocking the agua!
I forgot my ID in the car, so I got an underage stamp....Carla just likes to rub it in. Funny story- when I held up my hands for the stamp, the worker at the club said, "Aren't you over 21?" I replied, "I left my ID in the car... besides, I'm not drinking tonight." He looked at me like I was crazy and said, bathing in sarchasm, mind you, "Well, have fun, then... ha!" If that dude only knew me... if I ever had alcohol in my system it would be scary. Can't you just imagine me drunk? It be like 'Stephanie- the magical wind up toy'

Above and Below: With the bassist of Seabird!!!
Below: With the lead singer of Meese!
Above: With the lead siner of Seabird

Below: With the lead singer of Barcelona


Although Seabird disabled embedding, a click to watch the video is worth it! This song was featured in "Pushing Daisies"... and you know they have great taste on that show!
Rescue Music Video by Seabird


Meteor Showers...

Jimmy and I dragged out two chairs last night/freakin' early this morning to be awarded with the viewing of two shooting stars. Of all nights of the week, of course, last night was the coldest. Here's a review of our experience:

Stephanie (12:01 am): I am so excited we decided to do this!
Jimmy: Yeah. Good idea, sweetie.
S: I wonder how many shooting stars we'll see?!?!
J: Lots.... snore
S: Hmmm... I wonder if we're facing the right way. I don't see any stars yet. Do you see any?- Jimmy! Do you see any stars?!
J: Hmph... what?! Huh?...satars? nah... snore
S: I don't see anything. This is dumb. Why are we doing this?
J: Huh?... snore... snore... why are poking me?... this isn't a fireworks show- there won't be a finale or anything, just be patient... snore
S (12:03 am): Oh gosh. I'm tired, let's go inside.

Then I went inside and read me some Harry Potter.


I hope your summer was great...

and you didn't forget the sunscreen.
Need more laughs?! Go check out where I got this photo: Awkward Family Photos


"yes, that's my girl in the pink..."

While I was skimming the post with the terribly out of date jacket, I realized that this statement was made: 'I am still considered evil for not putting thirty year old boy clothes on my daughter when she was an infant...' Well, folks, I may have not put thirty year old clothes on my sweet pea... but I did put boy clothes on her. Let me explain.

As a teenager, my dream was to get married at eighteen and start popping out babies like a toaster. A minivan would be my vehicle of choice. When I got married to Jimmy at nineteen, I was ready to go! Bring on them babies! The funny and sometimes cruel part of life is this: life never turns out the way you've planned. In our case, the first baby didn't join us until we were married for a couple of years. Hmm... well, even if we were a little off track, in my mind, we could have multiples down the line and make up for the lost time! Well, in preparation for the many babies that would come and be Kaitlin's siblings, I was very careful about the clothes I bought that would become hand-me-downs. The rules?
1.) No tv/cartoon characters. This meant that the clothes would be dated by the time next baby would fit in that size.
2.) All big purchases, including winter wear or nice pants, would be unisex. Thus, Kaitlin's winter coats being navy blue or grey or orange.
I stuck to these rules very carefully, putting away each outgrown outfit in either a 'unisex' or 'girl' pile. My closet of hand-me-downs was like an internet store with it's precise labels. You could scroll down for nearly anything.
When Kaitlin was two, I went for a routine ob/gyn visit. We had discussed forms of birth control, of which I had never used. The doctor looked carefully at my chart and asked if he could take some tests. After much poking, prodding and waiting, Jimmy and I were informed that Kailtin was a miracle baby. Having her should have been impossible for me. Meaning, having another would just be as difficult.
What is one to do when their carefully laid plans and dreams have been punctured so quickly? I am pretty sure I did not cry for months. In fact, a complete a total breakdown has never occurred. I suppose that's not my way of dealing or healing. There was definite denial in the situation. We did, in fact, have a healthy and happy little girl that was a supposed miracle. Many a family has experienced multiple miracles, have they not? The onset of the truth was very gradual to me. The pain and understanding came gradually as well.
It has been nearly four years since the doctor gave us the unfortunate news. Within this time, I have been able to see that my dream, although off track, can still come true. When Jimmy is done with school, we plan on adoption. I am excited about this prospect. In fact, I will admit that I am a little excited to not have to be pregnant again. I was miserable, cranky and extremely hard to live with as a pregnant woman. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for me. That there are harder things to live through. I know that I have been blessed with one of His choice daughters and that she is a true miracle in my life for her amazing example.
Sometimes, the sadness resurfaces. And it's always when someone has a baby that I feel shouldn't. It's not up to me to decide who deserves a baby. It's not up to me to decide who is a fit parent. I do have to remind myself of this when I see a pregnant fourteen year old... but someday, I will adopt a child that is born of a parent that will not be able to be taken care of by them. Their pain and suffering will probably be as great, if not more, than mine will ever be. If I was able to have more children, would I adopt? Probably not. Because I have a great desire for more children, someone will have a home that needs it. I am grateful for God's tender mercies. I know that everything happens for a reason. I am so incredibly grateful for His love for me and the fact that I feel it daily. Kaitlin is such a blessing in my life. I feel so humbled that Heavenly Father saw it fit to let me be her steward here on this earth. I hope and pray that I will do a good job with her and make the right choices as a parent. Even though the mistakes come often, the poor girl gets to wear pink...


Karma hurts...

Little did I know while I was sharing my qualms about gift receiving in my previous post that I would be spending an entire Friday night cleaning out said gift giver's garage in preparation for a garage sale. Kaitlin came home with all kinds of gifts... yay.



Wanna know what drives me a little nutso? Kaitlin has been receiving 'gifts' from a certain family member that still feels this: is in style. Would you like to know the worst part?! Kaitlin loves this person soooo much that everything passed down becomes an absolute treasure to her. So, what's in Kaitlin's room, you ask? Cabbage patch dolls, parachute pants and swimsuits that are older than her mother. Let's not even talk about the clothes that used to fit my husband when he was a baby... I am still considered evil for not putting thirty year old boy clothes on my daughter when she was an infant...



Life has been B.U.S.Y.!!! So many things have happened... Girls' Camp, two catering jobs (a baby shower and a wedding) dentist, doctor, school shopping- yikes! Instead of boring you with details, I shall leave you with this tid bit- I danced the Thriller for a skit and looked like this:
Although, judging by our recent hectic lives, I could look like that without the makeup, too!