Meteor Showers...

Jimmy and I dragged out two chairs last night/freakin' early this morning to be awarded with the viewing of two shooting stars. Of all nights of the week, of course, last night was the coldest. Here's a review of our experience:

Stephanie (12:01 am): I am so excited we decided to do this!
Jimmy: Yeah. Good idea, sweetie.
S: I wonder how many shooting stars we'll see?!?!
J: Lots.... snore
S: Hmmm... I wonder if we're facing the right way. I don't see any stars yet. Do you see any?- Jimmy! Do you see any stars?!
J: Hmph... what?! Huh?...satars? nah... snore
S: I don't see anything. This is dumb. Why are we doing this?
J: Huh?... snore... snore... why are poking me?... this isn't a fireworks show- there won't be a finale or anything, just be patient... snore
S (12:03 am): Oh gosh. I'm tired, let's go inside.

Then I went inside and read me some Harry Potter.


{april kennedy} said...

The paper said closer to 4:00 am was going to be the 'good show'! You were early. But that was funny.

One time I woke up at 3:00 in the morning to pee and remembered to go outside and look and I was treated! So much so, I went and woke Dave and Kaia up. It was beautiful!

Rich, Brit, Nugs, and CK said...

hahaha. that is awesome

{amy} said...

I saw 10 shooting stars between 10:30 and 11:30pm!!!! You can see them again tonight. We'll be out there!!

{Katie Lane} said...

Haha that's funny!! I wish I could see some falling stars, the city I live in is so bright I probably won't be able to. So sad.

Katie Blatter said...

Wow Steph, you are the most impatient person I know! And I have a 2 year old!! hehehe