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ie: lazier

Kate and I went down to Santa Cruz to help my mom set up an Etsy shop. The day started with a visit to the local flea market where I scored a set of old school lockers for a friend for 20 bucks! The dude had no idea what they were worth, which was apparent by his M- to the- Assive plumber's crack!
Anyway... we set up shop, had a blast and made it home in time for me to be the driver for my teenage sister in law's prank doing friends. That, my friends, is what I call a successful Friday.

p.s.- if you wake up to something large and in multiples on your lawn, it is only because you are loved.

p.p.s.- this post was written entirely on a iPod touch, next time I'll give y'all a treat and leave the auto-corrected version.


SF gem

I love going to the city. I took Kate for the first time on BART (public transit) yesterday. We had a blast! We visited Britex fabrics, a four story Mecca for any seamstress. Kate and I also hit the Cheesecake Factory, Macy's (all 7 stories), the Disney store and a little stall selling the sweetest hand knit hats. Of course we got one for Kate!
It was so inexpensive! She has not taken it off since we bought it. I would like to add one point to the 'success' side of the board pleas, Vanna.

Bucket List

Soooo, after many hours doing research (on Pinterest, naturally) I have formulated a bucket list:

Go see the Temple square Christmas lights in SLC

Go to a live General conference

Learn Spanish

Experience the Northern lights

Take a Backpacking trip with my family

Go Zip lining in Hawaii

Publish the children's books I've written

Finish decorating an entire house- every room!

Read the entire Old Testament

Just for ONE full day, have every single laundry item and dish in the house clean

Sing a solo at church

See Kate married in the temple

Spend a WHOLE day at the spa

Visit Norway

Visit Poland

Serve a mission

Bake a souffle

Own a new Jaguar

Give a birthday gift to every family member one year (working on that one this year)

Go on a Church history tour one Summer with my family

Own a pair of designer shoes and actually wear them

Go to the French Laundry with Jimmy

Spend one Christmas with my family serving in a third world country

Learn how to make brioche

Make a croquembouche for Christmas

Learn how to play the piano


Welcome, 2012

Last year I made a resolution to mail everyone in my family a birthday card. I got as far as my brother, Jim. His birthday is January 21... ouch.
This year I chose two resolutions:
  • Exercise at least 4 days a week
  • Communicate better with my family (trying on the b-day cards again)
Wish me luck.

p.s. I should probably mail my parents' Christmas package soon...