I know a few of you might find this story a tad inappropriate

If you are one of those few, please do not read on.
I, however, found it hysterical and wanted to save it on my blog to share with Kaitlin when she is looking for a prospective mate.

Scene: This morning in the shower.
I was washing Kaitlin when she asked me this, "Mom, what's the right name for my special spot again?"
I responded with the correct answer and no inflection, "A vagina."
She looked up and said, "Ooooh, I like that name! It sounds like a Chinese restaurant."


Daddy needs a shotgun

Yesterday at church, there was a very astute and put together young man that gave a talk. He was comfortable speaking to a large audience and seriously impressed me. When he was done speaking, I looked at Kaitlin and jokingly whispered, "You can marry him if you want..." Kaitlin looked at me and replied, "I know. I was thinking the same thing."

Oh, gosh...