Baby Shower

The pictures are a little out of order, but they definitely display the awesomeness of the day! What a wonderful celebration to get ready for this little girl! Thanks to all who helped prepare for the party!


Just another one for the books...

Today was the second time I've had such a huge pain in my hip/lower back/tummy that it renders me useless. I often wonder who else has experienced this pain. After much research on the net (which I know is a bad idea) but in this case, it turned out okay. I have come to the conclusion that what I am experiencing is actually pretty common in the final trimester. But that didn't make it any less scary the first time it happened.

I was working at the day care, when all of a sudden, I had a giant pain in my lower abdomen that went around my side into the lower back. The pain was so major that I actually engaged in my labor breathing. The poor kids at the daycare didn't know what to do with me!
I thought I was going into labor because the pain was so intense. Because I had seven weeks left until my due date, I started to panic- it was too early! The pain lasted for almost an hour, with no ebb and flow, so it didn't seem like contractions. Also, the pain was only on one side of my body. Still, because of the severity of pain- my panic was overcoming my ability to continue breathing calmly.

I am very lucky to work in a home daycare where the family is LDS, because this day I needed it. I needed a priesthood blessing- bad. with all the calm I could muster, I asked my boss' husband if he could give me a blessing and then promptly burst into tears. Poor guy was gardening and said very kindly, "Right now?" All I could do was nod. Through my fear I muttered, "I think I might be having contractions, I'm scared."

I cannot even begin to tell you the relief I felt went that man put down his shovel and started washing his hands. To have someone so ready to serve really helped me at a time that seemed so all consuming. The blessing I received was reassuring and helped me immensely. The tears were now flowing freely. It's hard to explain the peace I felt...

I ended up going to my mother-in-law's to call the dr. because I couldn't drive home. Fortunately, there was nothing seriously wrong. Unfortunately, the pain was still there.
To make this long drawn out story have an unsatisfying and dull ending- the pain went away after another two hours. And then I was fine.

Until today. I woke up with a little twinge that turned into full blown labor like pains within ten minutes of getting out of bed. This time, it lasted for about 3 hours. I really, really hope today was my last experience with that pain. We shall see.

I am just so glad for modern medicine, a RN on call and priesthood blessings. Mostly the blessings.


Why I chose to be a stay at home mom

It's because I'm selfish...

I want to be the one that witnesses my child's firsts.
I want to pick my daughter up from school to hear all about her day, while it's still fresh in her mind.
I want to spend some days in pajamas just to clean.
I want to be at the little events at school.

Because I made this decision, my selfishness is also proven in that:
My husband has to work really hard to provide for our family.
With one income, we may not always get to eat steak every night or go on lavish vacations.
Also, things are always tight. Always.
All because I chose to stay home.

This is in no way an attack on mothers who work full time outside of the home... Heavens, no!
I am not strong enough for that.
I've tried.
There is a woman warrior who can spend the day at work and be an amazing mother at home too. She is awe inspiring and has my utmost respect. Especially because those were shoes that I could not fill. When I got home after a day at work, there was nothing of me left to give. I was snappy and exhausted. I let myself down every day. And I knew that having the role of working mother was not one I could fulfill.

Being a stay at home mom,
I do not feel deprived
I do not feel subjugated
I do not feel unequal
I do not feel oppressed
I in no way feel less than who I am

I feel free
I feel happy
I feel tired
I feel respected by my husband
I feel frustrated sometimes
I feel like I am the true form of feminism- because I am doing what I choose. I am a strong woman with a mind of her own. I can educate myself daily and I do- sometimes by accident. I am constantly progressing.

After reading opinions among the battle grounds known as the internet, I felt it only fair to make my mind known on the subject. I know my choice is not everyone's choice. I respect women who are doing what they choose and being proud of who they are. I think 'mommy wars' are ridiculous and just really taking the high school mentality to a whole new level and format.
Why is there so much animosity and polarization on the subject?
It's silly, really...
we are not toddlers, we only raise them.


I suppose I should have at least one belly photo...

I have to admit... I really hate maternity photography. I don't know why. And I avoid the camera these days. But I thought I should have at least one to remember that time I was cranky and bloated and uncomfortable and you know- whale like.


We love the new car!

We are pleased to introduce Rico:

Last week, I took the missionaries to the temple. When I came out from the session, the temple security were waiting by my car to show me some damage that had been done while I was in the building. Apparently, a man in a big truck hit our back bumper and left. Fortunately, the security guards were diligent and chased after the truck to get the license plate number. After calling my insurance and making a claim, I really gave the incident no more thought. 

The damage wasn't too bad- but when I found out the person who hit me did not carry insurance, I was a tad bit upset. Jimmy however, was a little more vocal, " I would LOVE to save the money we pay every month on insurance!! But that is illegal- and now WE have to pay for the damage because we're the responsible ones!!!!!" 
Because of this new turn of events, we took the car into the dealership to see what could be done. When the dealer looked at the damage and gave us a quote, I brought up our mileage and that we were slated to go over on miles by the time our lease was up. 
He asked if we had time to crunch the numbers. I thought we were just crunching numbers... But we came home with a new car instead!!! I love that the payments are lower, the gas mileage is more economical and the insurance (that we insist on paying) is less. 
A new car to welcome a new family member!


Pregnancy update

I know, I know...
It has been forever!
I am not going to promise that I will all of the sudden become frequent in writing. Because, the way it's been going around here is literally one day at a time. And in some cases, one hour or even one minute at a time.

Anyone that has ever been pregnant knows that: It Changes You. A whole lot.

I am cranky and waddling and exhausted. And out of breath after I apply mascara...
Those are the bad things.

The good things are:
Baby kicks all of the time. Never stops.
I am only gaining weight in my tummy (but I am HUGE)
I get to wear all my fat clothes that were sitting in a DI pile because I just couldn't bear to give them up yet.
My family is super supportive and extremely helpful.
I am having a baby!!!