We love the new car!

We are pleased to introduce Rico:

Last week, I took the missionaries to the temple. When I came out from the session, the temple security were waiting by my car to show me some damage that had been done while I was in the building. Apparently, a man in a big truck hit our back bumper and left. Fortunately, the security guards were diligent and chased after the truck to get the license plate number. After calling my insurance and making a claim, I really gave the incident no more thought. 

The damage wasn't too bad- but when I found out the person who hit me did not carry insurance, I was a tad bit upset. Jimmy however, was a little more vocal, " I would LOVE to save the money we pay every month on insurance!! But that is illegal- and now WE have to pay for the damage because we're the responsible ones!!!!!" 
Because of this new turn of events, we took the car into the dealership to see what could be done. When the dealer looked at the damage and gave us a quote, I brought up our mileage and that we were slated to go over on miles by the time our lease was up. 
He asked if we had time to crunch the numbers. I thought we were just crunching numbers... But we came home with a new car instead!!! I love that the payments are lower, the gas mileage is more economical and the insurance (that we insist on paying) is less. 
A new car to welcome a new family member!

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