I am a genius

Here's my idea upon reflection of viewing the Real Housewives of New Jersey:The Real Housewives of the Napa Valley!!! I would be the fabulous gourmet chef. Everyone else can call what housewife they want to be in comments. I will submit my formal request to Bravo this week. Whatever deal they give us, I am not having a botox party at my house.
p.s.- this picture only has a few of the girls, but I coudn't find one with more! Pick your title and I'm sure Bravo will have a professional photo shoot of us in the vineyards with stilettos.


Our next Netflix DVD isn't scheduled to come until tomorrow...

we had to do something with the holiday weekend...

That's all she wrote, baby!


Our next purchase...

...will be a bike for Kaitlin. We had the annual trike-a-thon at school yesterday...

Poor Kaitlin's little legs were going so fast, but those tiny trike wheels could barely keep up with her. When did the little girl that resides in our home be big enough to necessitate a two wheeler? Her birthday's in September, but I think we'll get her bike before the summer so she can ride around with the neighbor kids. Gosh, when did I become so slow on the uptake?! By the time I've gotten used to the idea of her riding a bike, Kaitlin will be ready to get her learner's permit. Sometimes I just forget how fast my little one is growing... when she was a baby, I was so good about giving her baby cereal at the right stage, solids at the right stage, finger food at the right stage. I suppose when it doesn't involve food, I am completely clueless.


let the herald angels sing!

It figures that our phone would be put back into service after two months on the day I lost my voice and can't speak.


Although I'm out twenty bucks...

... I'm cool as a cucumber. Thanks to all who signed the card- especially Stella. I think the kiss with fire engine red lipstick on the envelope really did the trick.

IN MAY?!?!?!?!

Mother nature is getting a memo about this one. Did she not get my thank you email in January for the flip flop weather? Dude, there's going to be a serious brawl at the next meeting if this continues... although, now that I remember... I totally did not plant a tree on earth day- crap! Do you think if I get a 'Happy Belated Earth Day' card and have the office sign it, we'll have the regularly scheduled non-face melting weather back? Maybe I should slip in a twenty spot...

My kind of hostess

My friend, April has a sweet blog of covet worthy goodies. This week, I am a guest blogger on that fabulous blog known as
Flutter on over for a visit...


Photo Shoot

My brother, Kyle, is a great photograper and is going to school for graphic design. Kyle and his family came to visit this past weekend. As part of their visit, Kyle took family pictures. Here are some of my favorite shots!


Oh ye, of little faith

Kaitlin received her first CTR ring a few weeks ago in Sunday School. CTR stands for 'choose the right'. The CTR ring serves as reminder to make the right choices, just as a cross necklace or 'WWJD?' bracelet. Kaitlin was overjoyed to get this ring. Upon arrival at home, we decided together where the ring would go for safe keeping. Kailtin's new good conscience reminder was treasured... so much so, that she placed the jewelry in between her underpants and skirt whilst playing outside because of her lack of pockets. I am fairly certain that spot was not the one decided for safe keeping prior to her jaunt in a field. It broke my heart to see Kaitlin's tears when the ring was nowhere to be found. Less than twenty four hours after receiving her special piece of jewelry, it had been lost. I felt terrible. I wanted to help in any way I could. However, scourging the green ground over acres for a green ring was a little beyond traditional help. My sweet girl suggested that we pray to find her ring. Surely, the God that loved her would help her find a reminder of Him in the vast expanse of grass. We prayed together. Kaitlin prayed fervently while I just felt so bad that her ring would never be found and she would feel like God didn't answer her prayers. We didn't find the ring that day. In fact, I went to go buy her another ring. Unfortunately for me, those particular rings were out of stock both times I tried to buy a new one. Kaitlin continued to pray nightly that she would find her treasured ring. My heart broke in two hearing her pleading for a tiny adjustable thing that, if washed, would turn her finger an unnatural shade. These prayers reoccurred every night for almost a month. Last night we were on a family walk, when my sister-in-law, Lynda, asked, "what is that?", pointing at the front of her shirt. The thing Lynda was pointing at was a tick! I flicked it off and we continued on our walk. Because of the previous insect on her shirt, Lynda kept looking down as we walked to prevent another freeloader trying to hitch a ride. Lynda bent down and said, "What's this?" It was Kaitlin's CTR ring!!! I cannot describe in words the look on Kaitlin's face. It is equally difficult to describe how I felt knowing that Heavenly Father had answered her prayer. I know I felt indescribable joy and shame rolled into one. Joy for her faith. Joy for Kaitlin's answer to a humble prayer. Joy at her happiness.Yet, shame for my unbelief. Kaitlin knew all along that the Lord would grant her righteous desires. I doubted the pure faith of an innocent child. I am sorry to say that I did not pray for her to find the ring. I did try to solve her problem by replacing what was lost. But, the perfect parent taught me more in a silly cheap piece of metal than I had learned trying to fix everything myself. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to learn from Kaitlin. I hope that her faith grows more and more each day and that the special experience she had will always remind her how much her Heavenly Father does love her.