Entirely unorganized post of a crazy (busy) lady

It has been way too long...
there is so much happening in our lives that I should be blogging everyday. Buuuut, there is so much happening in our lives that I don't have the time to blog, er, I do have time, but do not make blogging a priority anymore. SO, quick little recap of the goings on in The House of Graham:
  • First week in October- We went to GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! I am thrilled we got to go because this event was on my bucket list. Because we have now done it, does that mean I am going to die sooner?!
  • Jimmy and I have been attending Foster Parent classes and are well on our way to becoming foster parents! I am thrilled! We have been working hard to reorganize our home to welcome new additions (for a time) into our family.
  • We attended the Napa Valley Film Festival. Woo Hoo! Second year in a row Jimmy won tickets- it was a blast! We even met famous people and may have had a 20 minute conversation with a few of them! Of course I was witty and sophisticated... something that rarely coincides- the stars were aligned, I tell ya!
  • Jimmy is doing well with YouTube. He just recently celebrated his fifth year making videos!
  • I have been working hard in Kate's class room enjoying the time- especially teaching the kids "Big Booty"
  • Also, I've been working hard at the Day Care- We have a baby there now! The first I week with the baby and all the the preschoolers was fun. I do think that having a child vomit on me every day for four days running was a definite test...
  • Kate has been doing Girls On The Run. This is an afterschool running program intended to build young girls' self-esteem and get in some exercise. She loves it! Unfortunately, she had to skip the 5K because of health issues that shall be cleared up this week.
  • Our family attended a pancake breakfast at the firehouse to benefit Foster and Adoptive children. We got to see people we loved! (and some really cute firemen) 
  • Halloween was good- Kate's costume came together so quickly, I was really surprised at how good it came out. Our little girl was a mermaid (she specified- A Mermaid, not THE Little Mermaid) Too bad it rained and I was sick :( I did manage to dress up a little but pooped out before even trick or treating. Kate went with Jimmy.
Uhhhh... honestly, I love life. I am excited every day to see what the Lord has in store for me!