To my husband: my sincerest apologies

Last night, as I was brushing my teeth I heard a loud shriek. Hmmm... I wonder, when did I adopt a teenage girl? As I came out of the bathroom I made the realization that it was not, in fact, a young woman, but my burly husband that let out that screech. Apparently, there was a mouse hidden under a layer of aluminum foil inside a bin in the office. The bin that Jimmy was getting ready to load for the following morning (a seminary breakfast... we'll get into that later... but I digress).
The poor boy was seconds away from fulfilling the cliche of standing on a chair. I walked into the office with Jimmy cowering behind me. Well, maybe not so much cowering, as shoving me in front of him to protect the honor of my significant other. I have to admit, I heard a little rustling of the foil when I got closer. Instead of shrieking, I excitedly say, "Let's catch it! Grab the lid, we'll put it outside." Now, the bin was clear, so I knew I could put on the lid and shake the mouse around a little bit to get a good look. Can you tell I grew up with brothers? (Haahaaa... and Jimmy with sisters...)
After some finagling, I finally got Jimmy to agree and he stood back as I plopped the lid onto the bin. We carried the bin outside and carefully removed the lid to rid the bin of it's contents. I started with the things on top- a bag of paper plates, some stray napkins and a bon appetit magazine among other things (don't ask me how the magazine got in there because I have no clue). As I peeled back the layers in the plastic bin, I was getting to the bottom of the bin and the rodent's hiding spot. While I am working so bravely to protect our sleeping daughter from a rabid animal bite, Jimmy is huddled inside watching from the doorway. When I almost reach the bottom, my man gets courageous. He comes out and plops the lid back on to give the mouse a good shake. I look at the boy perplexed and he just shrugs, "I thought I could make it dizzy."
Haahaaa, "Why? so it could jump all crazy crooked on me?!"
Jimmy retreated to his job of holding up the door frame. Because I didn't want Jimmy to take credit for shaking the mouse out of the aluminum foil, I peered into to the bin and gave it a good shake myself. To the tune of my husband's raised eyebrows, I reached down into the bin to grab the foil in one swift movement. I then waited for the backlash of an angry, dizzy mouse to attack. But what do you know? Underneath the foil was... nothing.
Haahaa! It turns out that the foil was only rubbing up against the edge of the bin when we walked near it, making a little rustling noise. Jimmy exhaled in relief and said, "You're not going to tell anyone about this, right?"


HP 7

Buying my tickets for the midnight showing today. Any other takers?! I think I may have to cancel seminary the morning after... or just never go to sleep.
In other news, I am getting too old to pull an all nighter.


Riveting Story

I want to throw my crutches out the window.

The End



we had the missionaries as guests for dinner tonight. It was painful. I cracked jokes. Jimmy told mission stories. No response. I think they were nervous. I swear, it was the longest hour of my life.

on the up side, I finally perfected a caramelized apple tart.


Does anyone else...

  • only turn up the radio in even increments
  • have their dvds arranged by color so they look good from far away
  • dry off from the shower exactly the same way every time
  • want all the bad guys to die on tv, because that would be the easiest way to write them off a show
  • have an extraordinary talent for boggle
  • have to finish a book even if it is absolutely terrible
  • rip their bra off as soon as they get home... unless company is expected
  • eat weird food combinations (meatloaf + applesauce)
  • have an unnatural obsession for wedding shows
  • remember life's moments as: cartoons/musicals/ movie moments
  • have a real problem reading soft cover books
  • etc


I hope I'm not the only crazy one out there.


The touch of the Master's hand

Last night, as I was preparing my seminary lesson, I had the prompting to show a video. The video is on Netflix instant streaming, so I watched the video to time it and see what I remembered. I still got the feeling I should show this video, even though it was a little 80's cheeseball. After I had picked up Ashley this morning, we went straight to the library to get the video. Reaching up for the video, I came to the realization that the particular clip I was looking for was not on this video. Hmmmm.... So, Ashley and I continued to search for the video. We looked high and low. I wondered out loud why I would get a prompting for a video I could not find. So, instead of giving up, I just chose another clip to show. Ashley and I grabbed the nearest tv cart, until I decided against it. I would rather use the nice tv, so we moved all the carts in front of it to get to the flat screen. On the flat screen cart was a video. Can you guess what was on that tape?! Ashley scanned down the list of clips and said, "Here it is! It's number 7!" We pushed the tv cart to the classroom and I prepared to cue up the clip. I turned on the tv and vcr and what do you suppose? The clip was already cued up to the point at which I needed to start it. It is small moments like these that make me realize there are no coincidences and that there is a loving God that is keenly aware of us individually. How grateful I am that I was able to share this special moment with my sister Ashley, what a testimony builder!


Quick Fix

Jimmy and I watched an episode of Bones last night...
that show is what we call "diet tv"- there is no way to eat (without yakking) while watching. Forget exercise. I am all over sitting on the couch for another episode!



Many years ago someone said this and it changed me.

"Those that are the hardest to love are those who need it the most."


Montagues & Capulets

Jimmy and I need to buy two new computers, on the account that our laptop and desktop died within two days of eachother. I am planning on a Macbook Pro and Jimmy is planning on an HP.

When I told my dad of the prospects, he responded,
"Oh, so you're a divided relationship?"
And my brother Kyle's response?
"So, does that mean you'll be making fun of him in a year when his computer breaks?"
Oh, the life of a star-crossed lover...