The touch of the Master's hand

Last night, as I was preparing my seminary lesson, I had the prompting to show a video. The video is on Netflix instant streaming, so I watched the video to time it and see what I remembered. I still got the feeling I should show this video, even though it was a little 80's cheeseball. After I had picked up Ashley this morning, we went straight to the library to get the video. Reaching up for the video, I came to the realization that the particular clip I was looking for was not on this video. Hmmmm.... So, Ashley and I continued to search for the video. We looked high and low. I wondered out loud why I would get a prompting for a video I could not find. So, instead of giving up, I just chose another clip to show. Ashley and I grabbed the nearest tv cart, until I decided against it. I would rather use the nice tv, so we moved all the carts in front of it to get to the flat screen. On the flat screen cart was a video. Can you guess what was on that tape?! Ashley scanned down the list of clips and said, "Here it is! It's number 7!" We pushed the tv cart to the classroom and I prepared to cue up the clip. I turned on the tv and vcr and what do you suppose? The clip was already cued up to the point at which I needed to start it. It is small moments like these that make me realize there are no coincidences and that there is a loving God that is keenly aware of us individually. How grateful I am that I was able to share this special moment with my sister Ashley, what a testimony builder!


Kelly said...

The only word to describe....WOW!

{april kennedy} said...

Stephanie, one of the things I most admire and love about you is your spirituality. You live so close to the spirit and know and recognize its promptings. You are a great example to me!