"you said what?!?!"

When I picked Kaitlin up from her very first day of kindergarten, we had quite a bit to talk about i.e. she talked at me... When I asked what she had learned, Kaitlin excitedly responded, "I learned how to spell a word today!" Wow, it's already starting! So, after an inquiry, I learned that she was the proud new speller of the word, 'sad'. Hmmm...
"Kaitlin, why did your teacher help you learn how to spell that word?"
"Well," Kaitlin said, "we had to draw picture of ourselves with our name and how we felt."
"And you felt sad?" Aww... she missed her mommy!
"No. I just thought it would be funny to put down that I felt sad!"
"What?! Did you tell your teacher about this 'joke'?"
"No. But, I did draw myself smiling, so she'll know I'm actually happy. But now she knows I'm happy and funny!"
"oh gosh..."

After Kaitlin laughing so hard at her cleverness, I then poked and prodded her mind about the rest of the day. I should've learned from the last revelation to stop asking. Kaitlin informed me of the first thing she raised her hand about. Apparently, she felt it very important to ask, Miss Wade, on the very first day of school, if there were any ticks in her (Kaitlin's) hair... and then proceeded to ask the teacher to check! Argh!!!
I learned my lesson. I stopped asking about what else Kaitlin said to her teacher. I did, however, want to flip a u turn and explain that Kaitlin is actually a very content child and that we live out in the country and perform tick checks quite often. I am just waiting for the other antics that will be cooked up in the following school year... at least her hair looked cute.

UPDATE: Kaitlin came home with the first picture she drew of herself- not only did she write that she was 'sad' because it was funny, but to drive the point home of her hilariousness- she drew on herself a mustache.


Kelly said...

I guess at least she didn't ask if Miss Wade would check for lice!!
She's totally your child!

Frye Kids said...

WOW those are some great stories they are hilarious!!! i cant wait for the rest of the year!

Katie Blatter said...

hehehe, hey, try this! Tell Kaitlin to tell you three things she learned that day! It's not an open question, but focused and you may like the answers better! I read that in Parents. I've already been doing it with Jacob to help with dinnertime conversation.

TerriRuth said...

You make me laugh, as well as your offspring :P I hope you are enjoying her time at school. The days go by sooo fast!