translation?? the last ambassadors/seabird/meese/barcelona concert! I went with Michelle, Ashley, Natalie and Carla to the A-freakin'-mazing show last night. I was blown away by how good each band was. Plus, they were all so gracious. Each band member came down to talk to fans... and we have pictures to prove it! If you don't know these bands- check out some videos at the bottom of the post.

Yeah, that's right. We're rocking the agua!
I forgot my ID in the car, so I got an underage stamp....Carla just likes to rub it in. Funny story- when I held up my hands for the stamp, the worker at the club said, "Aren't you over 21?" I replied, "I left my ID in the car... besides, I'm not drinking tonight." He looked at me like I was crazy and said, bathing in sarchasm, mind you, "Well, have fun, then... ha!" If that dude only knew me... if I ever had alcohol in my system it would be scary. Can't you just imagine me drunk? It be like 'Stephanie- the magical wind up toy'

Above and Below: With the bassist of Seabird!!!
Below: With the lead singer of Meese!
Above: With the lead siner of Seabird

Below: With the lead singer of Barcelona


Although Seabird disabled embedding, a click to watch the video is worth it! This song was featured in "Pushing Daisies"... and you know they have great taste on that show!
Rescue Music Video by Seabird

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{april kennedy} said...

Rockin the agua and an underage stamp is better than what happened to us at the fair last night. We went with friends that were drinking beer. Each time, Tim got two so he wouldn't have to go back, but in order to not "look bad" he would hand one to Dave and say "hold this for a minute for me"....so my hubby walked around the fair with a beer in his hand. Me too, I had to hold it while he rode the bull! It was quite funny, but a little nerve wracking too! Can you imagine what the talk might be on Sunday!!