Good thing we're expecting a tax rebate!

Wow. Just wow.
We have changed our status from a family of three to a family of seven.
We fill our minivan. We empty our fridge.
And there's been a LOT of game playing in these here parts.
I swear, the kids have played every.single.board game we own at least two times over today.
Was it a bad idea to uphold our "no media (excluding veggie tales) on Sunday" rule?
Nah... the kids just played all day.
Was it okay for me to give the kids their chores for the week today?
Nah... my house will be cleaned just as fast as it's dirtied (I hope.)
So far, this foster parent thing has been a world of difference in emotions, logistics and energy levels. Honestly, I have lived through: anxiety, hope, sadness, despair, joy... all while doing one load of laundry.
Let's see what emotions tomorrow's very many dishes bring to light.

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