Mi-chelle, my belle...

My sister-in-law, Michelle, is going on a mission to Jacksonville, Florida. I am so proud of her! Today, she spoke in sacrament meeting and just did an amazing job. I was okay and dry eyed... until her and Ashley started to sing.

Then, all kinds of memories flooded back.
First, I thought of how I first met Jimmy's family at his sister, Natalie's farewell.
Back when I was stalking him.
I thought of how Michelle and Ashley did a joint talk in sacrament meeting when they were little to wish Natalie a happy farewell... and they dropped a coconut on the pulpit (Natalie went to Hawaii).
I fondly recalled how Michelle went down the street at age ten with a "future missionary" tag and a Book of Mormon to visit a neighbor.

This girl is amazing. She is constant and righteous. To see the mantle of missionary fall so beautifully on her makes my heart sing. I am sad to miss her the next 18 months, but I happy for her decision.
Good Luck, Shell Belle!!!!

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thebearden said...

I remember how impressed Kyle was with her when he taught her in Seminary. She's going to do great!