An Utter Disappointment

Yesterday, I had a free day on my weight loss program. Meaning that I did not have to track what I ate or how much. I planned poorly, my friends...

I started the day out right- good breakfast, because I don't have any junk in the house.
Then, at the daycare I work at, I could not forage for anything because there was a new dishwasher being installed and I could not get into the kitchen. I managed to eat some plain tortilla chips- but not even a full serving!
I had grandiose plans to go my in-laws for lunch and eat junk there. I knew they had junk because on Sunday, it was all I could do to not eat any of it. When I got there, all the junk was eaten because it's so darn good. So I went off the plan with a piece of sourdough toast. Multi grain sourdough, not even white bread!!!
 Back at home, I made a fabulous feast for company, but when I look back at the menu, the only thing I couldn't eat was the cream in the potatoes- everything else was acceptable and actually a good choice. Part of the reason I did well yesterday was because I had made a choice to not eat sugar until my birthday- so all chocolate was out! (and my visiting teacher brought 2 lbs. of See's Candy!!!)

Even though I feel like my free day was wasted a little- it scared me to think of what I would do if the opportunity had been more lush. I think I could've turned into a maniac! I am actually grateful that yesterday wasn't too crazy. After eating the potatoes cooked in cream (that tasted like heaven), my mouth had a weird film in it and my tummy wasn't liking the extra fat. It really wasn't that enjoyable. But I did learn that I like eating healthy and the only reason I ever stop eating so clean is because it's gradual and just slips in quietly. It's stealthy... Well, I can be stealthy too- kind of like a healthy (rather than 'stealthy') ninja.
So here's to another 4 weeks of being a ninja to all the junk.

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