No broken picker here (and free wifi!)*

oh wow... this day has been interesting to say the least!

3:00 am- wake up & shower
5:30 am- sit idly by while husband gets lost on the way to airport parking
5:32 am (and :35, :36, :37 etc.)- inform husband that flight will be missed
5:33 am (and :35, :36, :37 etc.)- informed by husband that we will indeed make it
5:44 am- proven right (by 4 minutes)
5:45 am- pay extra $ to be bumped to next flight
5:55 am- go through security without having to get scanned (score! for me, not the TSA attendant)
6:02 am- look ridiculous asking sushi restaurant (open at 6:02 am?!) where to fill up water when faucet is literally closer to me than them...
6:06 am- board plane
6:07 am- introduce myself to seatmate on my right
6:08 am- 7:05 am- be systematically elbowed in the gut from the right
7:08 am- fill water bottle at drinking fountain and spill ALL OVER the ground
7:14 am- board plane #2
7:15 am- read, eat veggies, go potty, eat fruit, drink water, go potty, read- all from the huge aisle known as THE EXIT ROW! Karma paid handsomely for 6:08 am- 7:05 am
4:27 pm (Florida time) land in 74 degree weather! Cheer (inwardly)
4:27 pm- 5:30 pm- boring travel stuff that cost a $40 cab ride
5:30 pm- check into a yelp verified less than 3 star hotel
5:37 pm- watched a cockroach crawl up the leg of the man in front of me in line at the concierge desk
5:37:02 pm- had an inward argument on whether or not I should squash said cockroach
5:37:08 pm- scared a foreigner by brushing a cockroach off their leg and stepping on it- I don't know how to say "cockroach" in Farsi... too bad the foreigner didn't speak Spanish. I know that one, "la cucaracha" Then I might have done a little dance and that might have been scarier than squashing a hideous otherworldly bug in their personal space...
5:40 pm- get no help from concierge
5:45 pm- go up to room and gasp. a lot. I didn't know that hotels like this still existed.
5:50 pm- marvel at non-working: shower, toilet, outlets etc.
6:30 pm- eat at sub par hotel restaurant after learning that the closest restaurant is a $20 cab ride away
6:35 pm- aspirate polenta and choke in the middle of a sub par restaurant
6:58 pm- 7:29 pm- waited and waited and waited for our check
8:15 pm- walk on the deserted beach with my honey and dip toes in the warm Atlantic Ocean (him for the first time!)
8:20 pm- try to get info from concierge- unsuccessful for the second time
8:35 pm- work out- hard.
10:00 pm write blog
3:00 am (California time)- 10:34 pm (Florida time)- laughed and laughed and laughed.

A day like today makes me love Jimmy even more. If I can have the best day on the worst day, I know I picked good. :)

*the only redeeming value of the hotel

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