More Hike Pictures...

Mt. St. Helena has now been added to my list of things to do yearly.
I had a wonderful time. I liked the challenge.
And nothing can compare with the accomplishment I felt at the top.
Plus, the view was striking!!!
What's so cool about the experience is that I was climbing a mountain that was difficult, something I had trained for. I had great friends to support me. I was well prepared for the difficulty, but the climb was still hard. At the top, I received the call from Jimmy to accept our first foster placement. Could I have been in a more perfect place with more perfect metaphors? I think not. Jesus Christ chose to teach in parables. How I love that Heavenly Father chose to teach me about my experience with foster parenting by this mountain. That is another reason I would like to climb Mt. St. Helena every year- just as a reminder of the step we chose to take as a family. I will always think of my first summit fondly and know that I will never be the same because I climbed the mountain.


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