Working the (Buckhorn) system

I am brilliant. I would love to share with you the key to my brilliance.*
Here's how to get cheap food at Buckhorn:

First, one must go to Costco and purchase the gift certificate pack- 4, $25 gift cards for $79.99
Next, become a member of the rewards program at Buckhorn. It's free and easy- just remember to give them your phone number every time you order- that's another 10% off
Then, go on Wednesday night when kids eat free- that's $10 off (if you feed two kids)

So really, you are getting dinner for your family at a 40% discount!!! This is why I always am at Buckhorn eating the yik yak salad (with salmon and dressing on the side- my absolute favorite).

Oh yeah, the food is good, too...

*Let's hope that me sharing my brilliance does not back fire in that the restaurant chooses to add restrictions as a result to this here blog post.

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