Please tell me what to do...

I need advice, friends... Kate has a friend that used to be a best friend. When I saw how this girl treated my daughter and heard conversations she initiated (she thought I couldn't hear her), I asked Kate to start looking to broaden her friend horizons. She did well at finding new and different friends. In fact, I let Kate use me as a scape goat and she was grateful. We both wanted to get out of this friendship- I was just as degraded by the parents as she was by the daughter.

Recently, after a school year of little interaction from this girl, Kate started to be friends again. They have been working towards a common goal- which is good- but, as part of this newfound amiability, there have been multiple phones calls... a night.

Every single day, usually as soon as we get home from school- the phone rings. There is nothing to discuss, but they (she, rather) talks for hours. Then will call back later and try to talk for just as long. Kate hates it. I hate it. I have asked her not to call. Kate has told her it's against the rules. I keep hearing Kate try to hang up, but this little girl will continue to call back. Then, if we don't answer the phone, she'll call my cell phone or my in-laws!

We don't have caller ID, so I have felt frustrated having to screen calls. What should I do? I am just as unsuccessful talking to her mother as Kate is to the daughter. The mother makes me feel attacked constantly. Plus, she doesn't get it, rather, chooses not to accept what I have to say. We have gotten into heated discussions over religion and life style- to the point where I am on the defensive of how we choose to live our life. I try to avoid her as best I can- I just don't know what to do!!!

Please help! What say you?

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Elizabeth said...

That's tough. I have no idea. My advice, ask the Man Upstairs. He knows all the answers.