Father's (hotter's) Day

Happy Father's Day to Jimmy!
Because I love you sooo much, I think it might be nice to get you something extra special for this extra special day!
Let's start by making sure I'm completely exhausted and useless because I just returned from girls' camp. For a little special surprise, I'm going to forget to buy you something. And then, because my heart beats only for you- I'm going special order an over one hundred degree day. But, wait! there's more! The air conditioner will break so it's completely unbearable in our house to the tune of one hundred and eleven degrees (triple same digits, make a wish!). It looks like your wish came true! We hauled everything down to the church to have dinner and the power went out, making their a/c useless as well.
Looks like this swell day brought you everything you had ever hoped for, Sweetie.
I love you!

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