Busy Mama Life Hack

There's this awesome thing I've been doing for quite some time now that I feel needs to be shared. Gotta help a friend out, am I right?

Every time I have a need for an invitation for a party, I do the cheapest thing ever. EVER. Well, except for evites... but I'm not a huge fan of electronically sent invites for events that aren't too casual. I am literally older than the internet so I refuse the right to be cranky about the lack of human interaction via gmail. But I digress. Here's the tip:
- choose a custom invite on Etsy.com 
- pay the small fee for the great service (usually about $10)
- go to the local copy shop and have them print it on heavy duty cardstock and buy matching envelopes. 
Sooooo cheap! Because of the size I choose, each invite costs less than $1, including the stamp. Guys, I'm smart.

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