Best Sunday of the year!

Today we had our Primary Program.
As always it was adorable.
The best is the little hiccups throughout the program- you know, the mispronounced words or the heavy breathing into the microphone...
I personally love watching the missteps more than a perfect program. I think maybe because that's how Heavenly Father sees us.

He's the dad sitting in the congregation, knowing that those little kids have worked so hard to get it right. He knows the preparation that this program took. Not just the two or three weeks, but the lifetime of practice: learning the songs, the principles, the endless hours teachers and parents have prepared lessons...
And how does the father see his children?
How do we see these children?

I see them through eyes of love. I see them trying their hardest to do what is right. I see those children facing their fears and standing up to talk to a room full of people bigger than them. I see all they want to say- even though the part they've read is small. The mistakes are endearing because those little children are striving to do their best.

My question again-
How does the Father see His children?

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