Jake is really good at Ticket to Ride

We had our friend Jake over for dinner tonight. Mostly because we really wanted to play Ticket to Ride with him. This game is fabulous.
Kate got it for her birthday and she is smitten by this game. Kind of the way I was when I first got Settlers of Catan. Which means we play a lot. A lot.
Jimmy is pretty done. But not us! We added Jake into the mix to make it more interesting. Let me tell you, it was more interesting alright! Little Miss Kate was buzzing around the table talking and singing and laughing... to the point that it was distracting. I think that was her strategy. Fortunately for the rest of us, it did it's job distracting only Kate.
After a night full of fun, I am tired and grateful that we have been blessed with such amazing friends.

p.s.- Utah family, we will be bringing this game to your neck of the woods when we come for Christmas! You will love it! 

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Brittani Hamilton said...

okay this is getting ridiculous. I LOVE THIS GAME! Rich and I love playing board games. I think I just have to comment on every single post now. :)