More Ice Cream

It seems like the vice all the gals shared was ice cream. And so, even though we ate super healthy for most of the trip and exercised more than normal, we still found room in our bellies for ice cream every night. Not just any ice cream, though. If we are to go off the diet, we are to only eat at iconic ice cream places!
We started the ice cream binging with the Rutherford Grill ice cream oreo sandwich
Then, onto Ghirardelli Square salted caramel sundae
Next, Penny Ice Creamery sundae AND kiddie cone
and Finally, FENTON'S!
Where I got a HUGE sundae... because that's all they ever make.
Yeah, we did go a tad bit overboard. Poor Kristina got totally sick. My theory is this: she is the smallest of all of us, it was only a matter of time before we all were taken over by an ice cream overdose- she just had less room to put it. I think had we gone to one more place, I might have gotten sick too. This story has a happy ending, though! I ended up with the perfect little black dress, two pairs of awesome shoes, a huge dose of new jewelry to my collection and a few treats for my family. However, I have a feeling that this trip will be known as the trip in which we ate lots and lots and lots of ice cream.

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