My little entrepreneur

As most everyone knows, Kate has been baking and selling bread. It has become our lives. If that sounds like complaining, please understand that it is not. It was complaining a few weeks ago. It was complaining before we did this:
Jimmy and I had a business meeting with our daughter. We introduced to her this records keeping binder. Included in this binder is a schedule for deliveries and a mock check registry. Her responsibility each day is to 'reconcile her bank statement', organize the order schedule and pretty much be the CEO to Kate's Bread Co. This handy binder has been a lifesaver to the mother of the CEO. I have to say, this experience is invaluable in it's scope of teaching possibilities.
  • Kate is working for the $- work ethic, check!
  • Kate is learning to bake bread- cooking (and cleaning- the flour gets everywhere!) skills, check!
  • Kate is waking up at 5:00 am every morning- practicing seminary hours, check!
  • Kate is balancing her income- money management skills, check!
  • Kate and I are doing this together- mother daughter time, check!
  • Kate now pays more money to tithing than she's ever possessed- experiencing the sacrifice and testimony of tithing, check!
There are a multitude of reasons that I am fully behind this girl in her quest to raise money. She is doing something she loves in order to provide for something she is  passionate about. I am so proud of that little girl.
When people comment after a delivery, "Stephanie, that bread you made was so delicious!" I get to tell them that I didn't make it. I do help , the kid's not flying blind- but she does all the actual work. I direct, but Kate executes.
Thanks to all who have supported my daughter in her endeavor. I love that the community has really encouraged this girl to strive for success the right way.
So many of Kate's classmates are involved in playing a virtual game in which the goal is to get more fame. The game is played in which the player purchases more clothes, wears more makeup and goes to more parties in this computer world. Then the girls use real (parents') money to purchase VIP passes to virtual parties and get more points. It's actually quite ridiculous. But more than half of the class' girl population is on this site! How grateful I am for all the lovely people who have stood behind me and Jimmy in trying to raise our daughter with valuable life skills.

We have planned bread flavors for the rest of the year. I know it looks like I planned these alone, but I did not. Kate and I hashed out each month together. In fact, the flavor I am looking most forward to (lavender bread) was Kate's idea. I beefed it up with the grey sea salt and thyme. Here's a sneak peek, folks:

January- 3 seed (sunflower, poppy, sesame) with maple brown sugar butter
February- Caramelized onion and smoked gouda with smoked sweet paprika butter
March- Cinnamon raisin swirl with sweet cream cheese spread
April- Sundried tomato, mozzarella and parmesan with basil butter
May- Lavender and thyme with vanilla honey butter and grey sea salt
June- JalapeƱo and sharp cheddar with cilantro lime butter
July- Apricot and almond with undetermined butter (thinking sea slated caramel butter?)
August- Dill and Havarti with lemon garlic butter
September- Cranberry walnut with orange honey butter
October- Bacon and cheddar with chive butter
November- Apple and pecan with warm cinnamon spice butter
Decemeber- Rosemary and asiago with garlic and herb butter

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