Celebrating our 12th Anniversary!

We had a fabulous time today celebrating our anniversary today. Kate spent the day with Nana so we could pack the day with some fun events. Although, most of those events did not some to pass because of the freak rainstorm that happened for the majority of the day...
We didn't really get deterred, however. Instead of going on a 12 mile hike, as planned- we ate a Squeeze Inn. Trade burning 1,400 calories to eating them in one sitting. A fair trade, no?
I gave Jimmy a kind of joke gift that has been hiding in the closet for months. Jimmy and I have a little production we perform quite often in the car. That production is a duet in which we sing the main song from the movie Dirty Dancing. We have performed this much to the embarrassment of our daughter and pretty much anyone else who has had the misfortune to be our audience. Yet, we still do it. And so, what is more apropos than the Dirty Dancing board game? So here is a picture of Jimmy smiling for the camera looking absolutely thrilled to be receiving such a gift.
 And here is Jimmy's real reaction when he thought I had put the camera away:


Because Jimmy appreciated the gift so much, he turned around and bought me new running shoes for my gift. Another fair trade...

We enjoyed the movie Instructions not included and then followed with dinner at Ad hoc! I have been wanting to go to Ad hoc for years... I am such a stalker like freak about anything Thomas Keller. In fact, I am friends with the team that designed all of TK's cookbooks and restaurant packaging and such. They just recently gave me a copy of TK's publication Finesse. I squealed above an octave I did not know was possible.

All in all it was a fabulous day. We did do a ton of fun things. But I have to admit that I would have fun regardless what we did- I just love hanging out with Jimmy. I didn't care what I did as long as it was with him. I suppose that's why it's been 12 years...

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