We have been enforcing the "no screen time until Kate goes to bed" rule. We don't check email, facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter etc. at all. And the tv stays off. What happens when we have no screen time is amazing- Kate and I spend lots of fun playing games and doing homework and dancing and reading... and Jimmy usually falls asleep on the couch. Even if Jimmy has just woken up for the day, he could take three naps and still sleep all night! That boy just loves his sleep. Well, tonight, Ashley came over to hang out. While we were all talking, Jimmy fell asleep mid sentence!We knew it was time for action!

And so, Kate, Ashley and I continued talking all the while gradually turning off the lights in the house. When every light was off, we snuck into various spots and hid. I was patiently crouched in the bathroom just waiting to jump out at the poor man. I waited. And waited. And waited. It seems that Jimmy was content to be snoozing away on the comfy couch. Meanwhile Kate is being quite possibly the loudest ninja of them all. It's a wonder Jimmy didn't wake up from her 'silence'. So, our next plan of attack was to throw cotton balls until Jimmy woke up. Ashley and I really only got one or two good shots in when Kate came stumbling out of her room like a bull in a china shop. The dead could not sleep through her stealth. Jimmy popped awake in the pitch dark and mumbles, "Whaaat?! What's going on?.... Mom?!....... Mom?"
Of course Ashley and I giggle uncontrollably while Kate rushes to her father's aid. Jimmy is okay, but Ashley and I have some ammunition just itching to get out for the next attack.

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Elizabeth said...

I love this story! SO funny!!