Super Mom

On Labor day weekend, my mom came to visit and we had a very full few days.
Of course, the time together started with catering a wedding. And then my mom watching Kate while Jimmy and I responded to the receiving center. Then shopping, eating out and playing tourist around town.

But can I tell you something? The best part of the weekend was when I came home exhausted from our experience at the receiving center and had seen that my mom did all our laundry, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, made my hastily left bed and washed every single dish used for the wedding. When I say every single dish, that refers to a closet FULL of dishes. Serving platters, 150 plates, silverware, cooking utensils. I was so overwhelmed by the service. I am so glad my mom has taught me about service. She has always been a beacon of service- she works so hard! I think she's the reason why I have been so involved in ward and stake activities where I get to dig in and work hard. Thanks mom for everything you do. Thanks for washing my clothes and folding my underpants the way I like them...

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