3 4 U & ME

I know I have been doing all kinds of different weight loss programs. And they have all been successful. But changing things up a bit have always been helpful.

I just completed my newest program: 3 4 U & ME

My friend and I decided to write a program specific to our needs.
We did the challenge together and had success!
There was a point system as in previous programs but the rewards were different.
This is how it broke down:

If I got more points for the week, she did a service for me and vice versa.
If we tied, we got to do something fun together (bowling, golfing, hike etc.)
At the end of three week, we weighed in and winner gets to choose a restaurant to have an end of program dinner.

I have absolutely loved this set up!
If anyone would like to do this with a friend in their town, just let me know- I can send you the charts. Also, there is a way to set up the system so you can do it with more than two people. Unlike the previous times I've done a program, this one has to be with someone you can meet with on a weekly basis. I loved it.

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