Frivolous to others...

Important to me.*
I have been an avid fan of those double walled tumblers with hard straw. Like this beauty:
Can I tell you a story about my love affairs with these things?! It all started with a free gift from a client. I did a catering job and they gave me tumbler with Christmas candy stuffed inside. I got hooked. I can drink double water out of these cups. It seriously helps with my H2O consumption. But then, that cup broke after months of worthy service. I was pretty upset. Not for long, though. A friend had heard my predicament and gave me a similar cup from her insurance company to replace my loss... the feature that lead me on my downward spiral? It was 20 oz.!!! The other was only 16 oz. And so my addiction was cemented. When I broke that cup the DAY AFTER I RECEIVED IT, I was pretty bummed. But, alas, I did not break it beyond productivity. Yes, the lid was so sharp on the broken edge that I cut myself once or twice- but I was drinking 20 oz. of water at a time, people!!!

When the 20 ouncer broke, I was already anticipating my next fix. Every supermarket frequented would result in my trolling for another cup. It was on a fateful day in the Fall of that year that I finally found another cup to feed my addiction in the strangest of places- Home Goods. Now I have yet another reason to love that place. Well folks, I could not get a handle on my excitement- and neither could the kids at the daycare. While at work the following day, one of the kids dropped my water cup on the ground and it didn't break! BUT the straw snapped in half. Good news, I did not throw away my last cup because of my attachment. So, I used the old straw with the new cup. Ahhhh... sweet relief .And so, the Home Goods cup and I had a steady run. Until, My sister-in-law Ashley graced me with the gift of a 22 oz. water cup from Jamba Juice. TWENTY TWO OUNCES. And so the need for a double walled tumbler had met it's ultimate match. This cup in all its massive water holding ability had one flaw- no straw. What kind of place sells a cup with out a straw?! Jamba Juice.
If you'll remember, I still have the trusty straw from the insurance cup (you know, the one before Home Goods?). What proved to be a problem is that the straw from the insurance agency was for a 20 oz. cup. My new cup was- say it with me- TWENTY TWO OUNCES! and the old straw was too short. Gah!

But, I looked like an idiot and used it anyway... it was actually pretty humorous. The Home Good cup got dropped over time and I had to discard it. So, let's do a quick recap: 16 oz. cup-shattered, 20 oz. insurance cup- broken lid, 20 oz. Home Goods- snapped straw and eventually broken, 22 oz. Jamba Juice cup- still going strong!!! Until last week. Last week will go down as a day of infamy in the House of Graham. Jimmy knocked my cup off the counter. The cup and straw were not intact. The look on poor Jimmy's face... Let me give you an idea of how he felt- you, dear readers have now read multiple paragraphs about doubled walled tumblers. Jimmy has LIVED it. His face was horrified.

The very day, I went to Jamba Juice- they no longer sell those cups!
Then Jimmy went on Amazon and found a cup- then they cancelled the shipment!
We went to Target- none in the same shape!

Then, on a fateful girls' getaway, my dear friend Kristina came out of Starbucks with a 24 oz. double walled tumbler. I cannot even wrap my brain around this, people! Twen-ty FOUR ounces?! TWENTY four ounces. TWENTY FOUR FREAKING OUNCES!!!!

And now, I am happy. I am complete. And Starbucks will no longer sell those cups next month. Would it be weird if I bought some for my food storage?

*It's pretty sad that I remember all of these cups, isn't it? I think I need help.


Brittani Hamilton said...

hehe, love it! The 16 oz cups are totally way too small.

Jonika said...

YES, buy a few for "back up"