Not just another Monday...

Jimmy and I had a tough day.
He ended up taking the day off because we knew that emotions would be running high.
The little girl we had wanted to adopt (but it wasn't right for her or our family) went to her forever home yesterday. I know she is in the right place. I know that this is part of her plan specifically written just for her in heaven- but it was still difficult for us to accept.

So rather than try and treat today as just another Monday, we took the day to hike and go to the movies and spend time together ignoring the outside world.
It was good day charged with sorrow and joy and understanding.

I have a firm faith that everything will work out. We will be okay. And sweet, darling, spunky Little Miss will be just fine. More than fine. We will find our feet and move on in this journey hand picked for us.

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