I officially have a preteen!

Happy 10th Birthday Kate!!!

Little Miss Kate is not so little anymore. But that doesn't prevent her from trying to sit on our laps still... We call her our great dane that thinks she's a puppy. It's hard for me to believe that I've only known this person for ten year. We laugh a lot. And we dance in the kitchen all the time. And she still tells me everything. I am loving her age and hoping that the catty-ness fairy that swoops over most girls her age will pass this one by. To this point, we have been mercilessly saved from that! I am in awe of Kate's testimony and strength and desire to do good. She strives for perfect obedience in all things and I marvel at her growth because of her close proximity to her Savior. I have to say, if we are only to have one kid, we hit the jack pot.
This one loves:
*books (reading and writing them)
*all the touristy things in Napa & surrounding area
*Harry Potter
*going barefoot
*climbing trees
*singing (entirely off tune. And loudly, I might add. All day, everyday.)
*pinterest potatoes

We have a had a great run so far. Here's to hoping for another fantastic ten years!

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