Throw me a bone!

After a long week and very loooong weekend, I finally got the chance to take a Sunday nap in between washing the wedding dishes.
In the middle of our nap, Kate comes bursting in saying, "some one's on the phone for you!"
Jimmy sleepily responded, "Who  is it?"
"It's someone who wants to sell you an iPhone" she responded
In a sleepy stupor Jimmy said, "Leave us alone- I don't want one."

So, Kate proceeded to end the phone call. Then we heard her murmur 'Aldea' somewhere in her 9 year-old babbling about what just happened. That's when Jimmy and I both shot out of bed. You see, 'Aldea' is the name of the organization responsible for the receiving center. Which in turn means that we had an activation. Someone was trying to contact us to go down and hang out at the safe house with children just placed in foster care. When on call, we have a half an hour to respond to an activation and it takes nearly that amount of time to get down to the location. As you can tell, having our daughter hang up on the social worker saying, and I quote, "we don't need an iPhone right now, bye!" had put us in a pickle. But Jimmy quickly resolved the situation by calling back immediately. I had already made the decision that I would be the one to go down and hang out since Jimmy had done the last call (only two days prior!). As he was talking to find out info, I was busily packing a bag. I ran out the door with what I needed and flew down to the center as to fulfill our half hour response time responsibility.

A few hours into my shift, it was necessary for me to call Jimmy and have him do the shift with me because of recent occurrences and new knowledge of the kids' background. The twenty five minutes for Jimmy to get there were very long for me...

We were warned among other things that one of the children wakes up at 5:00am. After finally going to bed at 1:30 am, we were sure that the previous statement would not be true for the child. Ha! This is my story, right?! Of course the kid wakes up at 5. Of course the kids tells knock-knock jokes at the crack of dawn. Of course the child is rifling through the cupboards trying to find something to eat while.it.is.still.dark.outside. Because, it would not be my life if things ran smoothly, you know.

I did have a good morning once the street lamps turned off, though. I organized. I organized a lot. The books, toys, fridge, freezer, kitchen cabinets, the FURNITURE. I was bored. When all my Martha Stewarting was out of the way, I was able to pop out and hang with my mom and Kate. Because it was now Labor Day. Jimmy was with the children who turned into zombies when the TV was on, so Jimmy was good. I didn't feel too guilty...

In the end, the social worker ended up finding placements for the children and Jimmy could come home and take a nap. Let's hope that nap doesn't lead to another phone call...

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