What it means to be organized

If one is organized, they would make sure to read all the information on the RS handout before bringing the wrong food assignment to a potluck.

If one is organized, they would bring just enough visual aids that pertain to their class and not a pile of stuff that didn't pertain to the class.

If one is organized, they would make sure and have the power point down pat before showing it to a group of educated women.

If one is organized, that power point presentation would not have a lick of clip art pictures... and all the 'before and after' photos would be their own.

If one is organized, they would not go off about two bottles of salad dressing that were misplaced a year ago. (by their husband, of course)

If one is organized, they would have a more witty, moving and entertaining class.

I feel like my class went the way seminary did... like I was driving away from the church and could see the mushroom cloud in the rear view mirror where my lesson had been. Maybe it was a bad idea to start the class out with the way the seminary had the chairs- entirely unorganized. It was an object lesson that went terribly wrong! Well, even though I felt the class went sour, I got a craft bin cleaned out while I was there. That was a good object lesson, I suppose...

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