Trail Ride in Point Reyes

For Kate's birthday party, I gave her the option of having a bunch of friends over for a traditional party or inviting one friend on a trail ride. Of course the horse crazy girl chose the trail ride and I could not have been more excited!
Kate chose a friend from school- it was a difficult decision, but she was happy with her choice.
Ummm... guys, after today's experience- I have to buy a horse.

Our family left bright and early to head to the coast for our ride. Fortunately, it was cool there when Napa was 100 degrees. Yikes! The stable was so efficient, they had us on our horses within 5 minutes of our arrival. There really was no time for anyone to be nervous because there was no standing around. I got to ride Paulie. He was a stubborn guy, but he got used to me. In fact, we got to trot most of the way and it was fabulous! The first time our guide had the horses trot, I was not prepared for how fast they would go. In fact, I was so surprised, that I could not get control of my body due to fits of hysterical laughter. I was flopping around on poor Paulie and literally getting spanked! Fortunately, I got the hand of trotting and became comfortable with the stand-up, sit-down motion that is required for a smooth ride. I was laughing and smiling the whole time!

Kate, on the other hand, was terrified when the horses would trot. I felt bad for her. But I am so glad she got a taste of what it would be like on a horse. She is starting lesson on Tuesday, after all!
When we got into the car right after our ride, I swear- someone put another kid in Kate's place. Because rather than being timid or nervous like she was on the trail, that girl raved about how great it was!

Kate's friend had a blast. She giggled like I did when the horses went fast. In fact, she had a wonderful time until the lead horse tried to kick her horse. Then both girls freaked out. I only think it was funny because my horse was finally starting to listen to me.

Jimmy hung out in the back on Delilah. They were cool. Jimmy was able to take tons of pictures. Most of which I refuse to share on this here blog because my butt looks like it's oozing out over the side of the saddle. Now that I have written that sentence, I wonder if the mental picture is worse... Even so, you are not seeing the pictures...

On the way home, we stopped for pizza and then frozen yogurt. That yogurt shop was a bust. Only because one of the kids (who is not my child) filled their yogurt cup to the top and put so many toppings on that the concoction cost a whopping $8. Jimmy grumbled under his breath, "She's only going to eat five bites..." my husband, the psychic. I cannot tell you the physical pain I felt watching that girl throw $7.95 worth of yogurt in the trash.

Disregarding the yogurt incident, I consider this day wonderful and all other adjectives that might explain perfection.

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