Happy (Real) Anniversary, Jimmy!

Yesterday, we celebrated with a day full of fun.
Today we celebrated with a nap.
Nothing compares to a Sunday nap.

I did actually attend a mission farewell for a young woman that I taught in seminary, was one of my YCLs at girls' camp and worked for me as a server for many a catering event.  She did an amazing job! What I really appreciated so much about her talk was this: Catherine had planned a whole talk but was prompted by the spirit to give a talk that was entirely different talk. Already, she knows what missionary work is all about: acting on promptings of the spirit. Because her talk was that way, of course I cried through the whole thing. And upon going up to congratulate her after the fact, I ugly cried on her...

I am so proud of the young woman that Catherine has grown into. Her preparation for serving the Lord showed today. It makes me so happy to see all these young women that I have prayed over and invested in at one point or another become such amazing people. They have learned valuable lessons and I have gotten to watch it unfold. I love to see that fire ignite.

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