Alma 29

I have been thoroughly enjoying reading my way through the Book of Mormon. I do it differently every time. This time around, I have a journal where I write impressions about the chapter I've read. It's quite refreshing. Sometimes I write down verses word for word, but mostly just write down feelings and what I've learned. Today's chapter was a joy to read. Alma 29 is all about Alma's desire to share the gospel- he loves God and the Savior so much that his soul aches to share what he knows. Keep in mind, this was the Alma that was quite rebellious and changed his tune once being struck as if dead. He experienced pain and torment brought on by realization of his sins. Alma experienced the atonement first hand. Alma was literally saved. I love how strong Alma's desire is to share the gospel in chapter 29. He loves it the way I love it. I LOVE it.  I feel akin to his joy. The joy is so full- why shouldn't I want to share?!

On June 23, there was a missionary meeting broadcast from Salt Lake. During and after that meeting, I felt like a blanket of desire covered me. I have an unquenchable desire to teach the gospel to those floundering. When that meeting took place, it was almost like a switch went off in my soul. Almost like a trigger was pulled that had been itching to get some action since the dawn of my existence. The feelings I have for missionary work have finally fulfilled many things found in my patriarchal blessing... and I am stoked! Fortunately for me, my family got the same fire under their bums and we've been able to work as a team. I will say that the work is gradual, but consistent. I know I am far from perfect, but I finally feel like I am in a place spiritually to share the gospel. I know next to nothing about the doctrine because the doctrine is so vast. But I know enough about whisperings of the spirit and the peace that comes from striving to follow God's commandments. Now it's time to work!

Sooo, uh- any of you readers out there wanna know more?

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