Eating our way through

A good way to start out a girls' getaway would be to eat at Rutherford Grill... especially since I missed out last week.
That's the ribeye I got!!!
And that's the dessert I shared with Rachel... yum!
But let's continue, shall we?!
As if Rutherford Grill wasn't enough to set my taste buds off,
we had to get to Fifth Floor to set them a blaze!
This place is amazing!!!
Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what we were in for!

It was PHENOMENAL!!! So worth the price... except for the part where Carla had duck tongue.
It looked just like it sounds. Like a duck.tongue.
To make sure we weren't entirely deprived,
the girls and I went over to Ghirardelli Square to eat our weight in hot fudge.

I would like to report that we felt like this:


Care'n King said...

Boo..hoo... wish I had known and crashed the party! 5th floor...with time to enjoy...boo hoo....chocolate at the "square"...double boo hoo... next time can I join you??? pretty please...??

Stephanie Graham said...

Yes, of course!!!!